Training Labradors to be guard dogs


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I know that Labradors are kind with people. But the one I have is too kind with every one. even a complete stranger is welcomed. I need to know if there is any training trick for a Labrador to be a guard dog (watch dog only attack). I red quite a lot and I couldn't find any good answer. The only thing I am sure of that my dog is an extremely nice dog. I think if a burgler enter my house he would show him to guest room..


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hi i have a border collie, he was the same very quite and gentle welcomeing people round the house, now if any one comes near the house he barks but wilnot attack. I did this by getting a friend to knock on the door i then tell the dog to speak (bark) i did the same for the downstairs window after doing this anytime someone passed he would go out to the front door and when they knocked he woud back. hope this helps.;) :dogph34r: