Training dog to STOP at the edge of the street?

Discussion in 'Obedience Training' started by tigerlily46514, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Pei Pei Active Member

    I like to hear that most trainers would not trust a dog under two off leash. Good to know!!! My pup is 14 months and is no where near being ready to be off leash. He will come to me in the dog park but only when he is dead tired and starts to pay a little attention to me. Then I call him, but don't say COME since I have been taught not to say come unless you are absolutely sure they will COME. So I say puppy puppy or his name and so he looks at me and tell him he is a good boy, but he has no time for a click and a treat---there are more dogs to chase!!! At some point he pays more attention and and then I click and he comes for a treat. We do that a few times and then I put his leash on him.:D

    I also appreciate the tip about a harness when training on a long lead. That makes a ton of sense since he has choked himself once or twice running to the end.

  2. reveuse Well-Known Member

    March i've stolen from Tx - literally making him do a sort of alternating high 5 while walking forward (at least thats how i interpreted it to be ?!?) ......
    Ghost - stolen from Srdogtrainer ...... kind of hiding under a blanket in sit position
    Shark is essentially a deliberate snatching and jaw snapping :)

    they all came out of a tricks demo thread i posted a month ago somewhere in that section of the forum
  3. Pei Pei Active Member

    How cute!!!!!

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