Training dog to ring a doorbell?


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We have ordered a doggie doorbell, it will arrive this week i think.......with a 'paw shaped' thing that Buddy can either push with his nose, if we wall mount it, or-- with his paw on the floor, to set off a doorbell, to let us know when he has to go out to pee. OUr friends think we are crazy and just setting ourselves up for abuse!!!:msngiggle:

ANYONE EVER USE ONE OF THESE? Any tips, advice? I am hoping it comes with some pamplet inside to help us.
Ha, our dog is pretty smart, and we are braced to get some 'false alarms' for boredom or wanting to play, so we decided we will not play with Buddy when he doorbells, but will just take him out....and back in. No playtimes for doorbells.

The online ad said something like, ignore bells that occur within 2 hours of last bell to reduce false alarms....
That's all we got so far. Anything else we should know? Ha ha, we'll probably hate ourselves for showing it to Buddy!! :msnrolleyes: ha ha!!!