Training Crawl - Lol Blade


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Training crawl... when other tricks are already well established. Omg. Blade has just had me in stitches.

I taught my last dog to crawl fairly easily but Blade is so big and gangly and heavy and probably finds smaller, more 'delicate' moves a bit more difficult.

So Im bending over a bit to ask him to down. Blade shakes one paw. Then the other. No Blade. We are doing down, not shake. No mum, I am quite sure you want me to shake. What about this hand? Huh? High enough for you? No Blade, down! Shake mum!

*straightens up for a breather*

Down Blade, doooooooown. Roll Mum? Roll, roll, roll, roll. Rooooooooll! Oh... roll this way? Shake?




Blade lies down. Thank the GODS! Without flopping over and rolling away.

Oh trust me. Blade knows down. When I dont have treats, he will just down, and shake, and roll, and sit, and stand and etc etc etc. When I have treats, he knows we are probably doing something different. Hence, the enthusiasm.

Tomorrow. We will learn crawl..... :p


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My dog does it all the time when I have a treat in my hand xD He just wants to get a treat as quick as he can so just does everything he can and doesn't care what I say :p


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Ohhh Pheeeeewwwww!!! So it isn't just Oka? I doubt Oka will ever learn /crawl/, i just know she will just give me that look of 'why should i do that if i have 4 legs to walk on?'


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Blade sounds alot like Scout! Try everything she knows first! LOL And Oliver, when he's confused, just backs around or through my legs :LOL: Which causes some hilarity, when I'm not expecting it and end up face down on the floor, which he thinks is sooo much fun! a wrestling match ensues :love:


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Blade is crawling about 1.5m and being treated on the way, without standing up. Hoping we can phase out the treats after every step, to just at the end of a few steps, sometime this week :)