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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by tigerlily46514, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol love the enthusiasm from both of you. ^^ Very cute vid.

    With Mud, she'd kind of look at me like, "Hey look, I have tape on my head! Waaaiiit, I have tape on my head..." Then she would roll just her front end onto one shoulder and do a weird face/shoulder scoot thing along the floor with her butt in the air. :dogrolleyes: No paw contact with the face at all. Lol, certainly not the desired "shy" behavior.

    Good job with Cassidy; looks like this trick will be a breeze for her.

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Excellent job Princessbride!!! I love your enthusiasm and your dog is obviously enjoying and picking it up!!! Thanks for sharing with us! :dogsmile:

    Just a tip, you may want to say 'good shy' instead of 'good girl' so that the dog associates the command quicker. :)
  3. snooks Experienced Member


    Respectfully another opinion on "good shy." This is a little blurring of the verbal cue and could dilute its meaning since ideally it is said just before you anticipate the dog will paw it's nose to teach and associate it with the action quickest statistically. (Patricia McConnell and others) I also used to do this until our behaviorist pointed it out. My dogs were also much more hand cue savvy often ignoring verbal cues. Stopping this one thing boosted my verbal cues greatly. Just another school of thought which worked for me but all dogs are different so it depends on ur dog and ur style.

    Some shaping trainers including the Karen Pryor trainer I use say that ideally you are silent except for the verbal cue and the c/t is the reward/praise. Throwing additional GOOD in there may be distracting. I personally can't not say good girl. :dogtongue2:

    At the end if you know what options are there and hit on the best combo for ur dog whatever it is that's all u need. Not that any are wrong or right. I try to pass on the advice of the people better educated than I for the option weighing and thought process.

    Keep up the stellar work, SO CUTE:dogbiggrin:
  4. orangelibratiger74 New Member

    i lost my clicker and i got it from a friend on christmas. does anyone know where to buy one
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member has them for very cheap. Petsmart carries them...if you can't find them ask a trainer. Sometimes they'll just give one to you. Party supply places sometimes have them as well.
  6. montsterdog Well-Known Member

    Does anybody have any ideas how I could get my dog to do this in sitting position? I initially did not care that she'd always down and we seem to be totally stuck on that for now.
  7. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    There is another great method to teach this trick that I found on you tube. It's great for dogs that do not like tape on their nose. I can't post links yet but the you tube user is: wmlgts the title is: My Chihuahua Learning "Face" ( "Cover Your Eyes"/ "Shame")
    I searched for: clicker training shame, and it was the second video on the list.
  8. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Here is the link for the method I was talking about:

  9. mewzard Experienced Member

    Wow Cassidy is so cute! :doglaugh: She got that really quick! I love how she starts doing both paws - Oka would have looked at me like "right i need 2 treats for that!"

    The first time i try a trick i am usually silent, if she needs more encouragement i say "great job!" I only use the cue word when i know she has got what i'm asking for. However I'm really flexible and sometimes give alot more verbalising if i think she is needing it.

    Oka knows this trick as "hide" but somewhere along the line it's got mixed up with 'bang/play dead' and so she plays dead then hides :dognowink:. I need to go back and reinforce it as a single item.
  10. sara Moderator

    I know this thread is a tad old, But I wanted to say that I accidentally taught Zoe "Shy"... LOL I was just trying clickertraining out with her, as she's never done anything like it before, Zoe has just been left to her routine to help her gain confidence. Well I was just free shaping, sitting on the floor, with a mind to get her to pat her feet on the floor, but anything will do... she picked up her paw at one point and looked at it like "what on earth is this paw doing to get me treats????" LOL So I clicked that, then waited... sure enough she did it again! before long she was pawing her nose! I ended the session there, and a couple of weeks later, we picked it up. We started where we left off, and in less than 10 mins she was doing it on cue!

    I was AMAZED that this was able to be free shaped, with nothing to entice her to do it (I used the scotch tape with Scout)... I didn't think that it's possible to repeat this with another dog... Well, along comes my new deaf/vi Dachshund, whom I'm clicker training with a little LED click light... And I accidentally taught him to do it too!!!! I had shaped him to put his front feet up on a book, but had noticed that he often would tap his foot, or paw at it before stepping up, so I thought that this session I would put his little foot tap on cue... I really dont know what made him do it, but I was waiting for him to offer pawing behaviour without the book, and for some strange reason he pawed with his head tucked down by his foot! So I clicked that, and off we went!!!

    Now he paws at his muzzle with his head and shoulders tilted to the side, and somewhat tucked in!!! TOO CUTE! On cue too! Gotta love shaping/free shaping!

    So why is it so easy for me to teach shy?
  11. reveuse Well-Known Member

    During a tricks class I took last spring the trainer tried using tape / post-its to teach shy to both my dog and the rest of the class but for some reason it just didn't work (most likely because my dog is so used to being combed/brushed/eyes cleaned etc that putting a piece of tape by his nose didn't even make him blink LOL). However a couple months ago when I was at the beginning of teaching "cross paws" he picked up the opposite paw and in a frenzy decided to hi 5 it over his face and VOILA - accidental "shy" (or hide in his case)

    I too LOVE accidental training :)[IMG]
  12. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Same here, i haven't quite figured out how to get Buddy do a shy in sit either.....

    @Samantha, i taped a 'post-it' note so it was hanging in Buddy's visual field...not just a piece of tape, but, a piece of tape holding a post-it note, sort of half over his eyes..

    and i loved Jean's comment, on saying "Good SHY" instead of "good girl", i do that too, i think it DOES help the dog learn the word, and maybe even helps dog associate the trick name with positive stuff, like smiles, petting, treats, etc.
  13. Jean Cote Administrator

    I taught this trick to my Husky with a small piece of low-adhesive painter's tape. I put the tape on her nose while she was sitting and she kept trying to take it off while sitting. I never had the problem of her lying down...

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