trailing cooper.

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Hi there, sorry been busy with cooper getting him ready for his trials.His a 5 year old DOB who thinks he can been a little bit too smart sometimes.Been having trouble with his group sit stays,we have got two passes in CCD I don't know how he did it but he did, with second on a score of 97 out of 100.Is there any one that can suggest anything or has had the same problem please let me know,thank you.:msniwonder:


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If you're having problems with stays, I'd say go back to the beginning and if he EVER breaks, put him straight back. Start with sitting him, take one step away and one back again, praise etc... and gradually build it up and do it with distractions around. If he breaks, go one step back.


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I have a figetor too! You need to go back to the beginning and teach him that fidgetting is not part of your criteria.

I used the '300 Peck' method for teaching stays. Basically, it's increasing stay increments gradually, normally one second at a time. If the dog breaks the stay, you go right back to the beginning! So start at one second all over again. This has two benefits:
1) You don't go too fast because you don't want to start back at the beginning again! and
2) Your dog has plenty of time to be RIGHT (not break), and practice being right.

Hope that helps. :)

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Thanks for those tips,have tried all those things,it woked if I was only leaving him for these short distances.But the funny thing is that all along it has been the way I have positioned my hands. When I leave him for the recall I have my left arm in front of me close, and I tell him to wait.I was doing the same thing but telling him to stay,I couple of trainers at my club watched one day and noticed him move as soon as I left,and said that he is confussed. Because I leave my arm in front of me all the time including heeling,they said change your arm position so I did by putting it behind me when I leave him for the stays and you know it worked.He got his final pass in a dob trial and won with his title.Now it is novice which will be fun as it is all off lead,trial coming up next weekend I will keep you posted. thanks again for the tips. Del & Cooper.