Tracking And Working Trials - Anyone?

Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by Lexy88, May 9, 2011.

  1. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    Anyone trained their dog in tracking? Tracking as in, the working trials/scent work/search and rescue/schutzhund type tracking - not hunting. I have been keen on giving it a go with Blade for some time but dont know where to start. Since our obedience is going pretty well, I am looking to give Blade some real 'work', something which will really test him and use up some energy at the same time.

    Can anyone recommend a good book or website that can give us exercises to practice and goals to work towards.

    The NZKC site only gives a description on what the dog is tested for when trialling [ie first level which is CD (Companion Dog) tests: temperament, free heel, recall, down on recall, stand stay, sit stay, down stay, scent discrimination] but not how to train.

    Thanks :)
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  2. mewzard Experienced Member

    All of the things listed, except scent discrimination, could be taught around the house. As for actual tracking and the scent discrimination i guess it's something that you'd have to find a club for.
    Did you want a guide on how to do each of the obiedience bits or was it just the scent working bit?

    I've thought about this with Oka, but couldn't find a club that was convient to me at the moment.
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  3. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    Hi - Blade and I already go to an obedience club [which doesnt offer instruction in tracking :(] so we are already working on all the obedience stuff. The GSD club in our area does do tracking but... I have been told by MANY people that they use quite harsh methods with their training and are generally not supportive, and really 'my dog is so much better than your dog' types. So I kind of want to avoid it.

    I have done some reading up on starting the dogs 'searching' - letting them see you pretending to hide, and hiding toys, around the house and yard and getting them to seek them out, and then later on hiding them when they arent watching. And laying down scent tracks [by walking/scuffing your feet and dropping treats] and then leaving a item with a jackpot of treats at the end of the track to teach them to put their nose down and follow. But thats about as much as I can find.
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Make sure Tx_cowgirl sees this thread when she gets back,
    i know she had some interest in this topic before, she might also be helpful to you, too.
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  5. Dodge Well-Known Member

    :) I only do the "find" game in the house,as we have not got a big garden.
    However,if I would want to do it properly,this is how I would do it:)
    Once he knows what "go find" means (spot on what you said already:D)
    Then have him on a long line,have somebody else go through a forest with a duck scent drenched toy and just make it a game and rile him up with excited voice to "GO FIND!" so what if he only has to go for 5 metres first,HEEPS of praise and increase the distance,and once he knows what you are asking him to do (and your recall is solid:D) you could have the person that is hiding the toy/or whatever you want to use wait for him to praise like mad(y)
    And if you decide to go to one of those clubs,you will not need their horrid methods,you can show them that its possible with fun loving games(y)
    (have been to the woods with mates of mine with a couple of boxers and we played "hide'n seek",fab fun for the doglets:love:)
  6. Call Greater Coastal Canine Academy, they have an extensive Schutzhund background.
  7. Schutzhund is very precise dog training in obedience, tracking and protection work.
  8. 7Riddler7 Member

    See my post in brain work for basic tracking or feel free to ask any Q's

    For a easy job when u want to relax... teach tidy up all toys or a heap of balls into a. Basket, ha and just tip it back out again.. start with less objects build up to heaps even different places to put things or take stuff2/from ppl
  9. BlueTracker New Member has everything your looking for
  10. charmedwolf Moderator

    Working trials, scent work, search and rescue, and schutzhund tracking are all different from each other.
    Working trials are based off of a hunting type setting with a human scent being the one to search for. It is not one specific human but the freshest human scent.
    Scent work is usually scent discrimination. Find MY scent out of the pile. This is the one generally used in obedience and titling such as AKC.
    Search and Rescue is also human scent as fast as possible. It is usually one specific human scent stretched over a very large area. There is no set pattern or behavior that the dog must exhibit.
    Schutzhund tracking is very very differnt. While it may still be tracking of the freshest human scent it is also a very exact science to how the dog has to react, move and behavior to exhibit.

    For the CD, it is just scent work aka find my scent. Here is a great link that helps teach this:

    Also, Leerburg while I like their equipment it is very dominent based and Ed has only just recently changed his views on positive training. Most of his articles reflect his older views.
  11. BlueTracker New Member

    Thanks for the info and link... You saved me $200.00 !
    Ed comes across as a training guru and everybody else is lacking proper technique.

    My problem is I trust people and believe their honest... is there training to break me of that!

    I'm doing research now and looking for good training information. I pick my puppy up Sept 28.
    any suggestions on were to start?
  12. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I think there is some good info here already. I'm still kind of lost on tracking, but I'm reading Try Tracking! by Carolyn Krause, and Making Scents of Tracking by Deborah Davis was recommended to me but it is more AKC field trial stuff I think. But I don't know how that compares to what you are wanting to do.

    Good luck, hope you can find some good resources on it! My problem is there are lots of resources but I'm not sure which ones are really what I'm looking for until I buy them, read them, and get disappointed. :( I'm in the same boat; there is a dog club here that offers classes for tracking but they too use harsh methods and are pretty full of themselves.
  13. BlueTracker New Member

    I have hit some brick walls myself in search of great training methods that work well.
    Your right about some of these organizations. They want members but its the good ole boy club.

    I will be in the 9 week puppy phase. Teaching all the basics and doing a little nose work.
  14. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    The Try Tracking! book might be what you're looking for to get the ball rolling. This is the last tracking book I bought; the first couple were way over my head at this point, but Try Tracking! explains everything better and seems like it would be good for people at the beginner level or people that are more knowledgable about tracking. Great beginning steps and goes through advancing your pup. I'm still reading it but so far I'm pretty pleased with it. :)

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