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Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by Sammie Dunn, May 8, 2011.

  1. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    So, my puppy is meant to be in his cage at all times apart from when getting hugs however we let him out for 1 or 2 hours to sleep on the sofa next to us or just a little walk for like 5 minutes.
    Today however he has been peeing on his bed not on his puppy mats and also peed and poo'd on the sofa. My partner is really annoyed by this cause the puppy did it right in front of him. When my partner said "Eh-Eh" the puppy jamp down, ran behind the sofa and continued to finish his pee.

    Has anyone else had the same or similar problem and managed to resolve it as it is not fair on the puppy or my furniture. My partner did training stuff like I taught him too especially with the voice commands and such when misbehaving however now the puppy is shaking and not wanting to even get cuddles. Please can someone help as it is not like Coco at all :(

  2. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    just wanted to also add that the when my partner said "Eh-Eh", he got up to pick up the puppy to put him in his cage.
  3. I Dig Dogz New Member

    HI Sammie,
    How often are you taking him out to potty? He should be taken out at least every hour when you're housebreaking him. Also, a dog will be very unhappy if he's left in a cage all the time. If he's gone out and pottied, reward him with a treat and play time. Be very patient. He's been dropped into a strange new world, and he has no idea what the rules are. There are some very good websites that can help you train your dog -- I highly recommend Dr. Ian Dunbar's website:
    Good luck!
  4. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi Sammie - it sounds like Coco is not getting out to potty enough. Like Susan said above, he needs to get out to potty at least every hour - and is he spending all his time in his cage or kennel? Dogs aren't meant to spend all their time caged. I would make sure he gets out more frequently, make sure you wait for him to actually potty, and praise and treat him when he does potty. Unless I'm not understanding your post correctly, it sounds like maybe when your partner said the "eh-eh" and put him in his cage, he scared him, which would make him not want cuddles or hugs from him.

    First, get some enzymatic cleaner and make sure your sofa and floor/carpet is thoroughly cleaned, and doesn't smell of pee or poop anymore. Unless you use an enzymatic cleaner such as Nature's Miracle, Coco may continue to go back there. Second, make sure Coco gets enough time out of his cage/kennel to enjoy being a dog, has lots of playtime, and has time to actually potty - and finish pottying. Make sure when he's out, he's not just doing a little marking, but actually pottying. When he goes, reward him, good boy, what a gooood boy!!!!! Give him a little treat. Make it a party when he potties. And, can he go for longer than a 5 min walk? He may enjoy that - and get his potty finished outside, rather than on your floor or couch. Also, make sure you take him outside to potty immediately upon waking up (every time - and puppies nap a lot), and after eating - and then about every 15 min if he doesn't go right away. He'll eventually get on more of a schedule as he grows (how old is he, by the way?) but for now, til he's housetrained, you want him to be successful. Also, be very watchful when he's wandering around the house or on the sofa - if you see him start to sniff around, chances are he's looking for a "good spot" - so immediately take him outside or to his pee mat, he'll catch on. And, the second you see him start to potty, start saying "go potty" or whatever word you want to use - that way he'll begin to understand what you're wanting of him (and eventually, where). Just be patient, and be sure you give him enough time to take care of his business.

    He's young, and he needs to learn the rules, and it takes time. If he starts to go in the wrong place, say "eh-eh" and immediately pick him up and place him on his puppy pee mat - but please don't yell at him (did your partner raise his voice and scare him?) Also, you said the puppy poo'd on the sofa right in front of him - that takes time. How come Coco wasn't stopped mid-poo and taken to a pee-pad? Puppies learn by repitition - you have to keep reminding them over and over and over ... and over. Coco will get it, just be persistent. And most of all, be patient. Good luck!
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  5. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Susan, he has recently broke his elbow and is not allowed out every hour. He has puppy pads in his cage which he is meant to use as we are only allowed him out for 5-10 minutes every 3 hours due to the injury. I always reward him for going toilet outside. We have had him for 6 weeks now and I had him toilet trained however since his accident he doesnt respond to the toilet training.
  6. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    I always use the Eh-Eh command when he does wrong, like I have said in past posts and in this one. Due to his injury he is not allowed out of his cage alot. He is meant to stay in it at all times except 5-10 minutes every 3 hours. His injury was very serious, especially for a dog his age. We don't ever catch him sniffing cause he doesn't sniff for a spot. He just goes. He understands that Go Pee and Go Poo are commands and responds to them outside when he is allowed out but due to this not being very often he doesn't respond to it as much. Like I said in the post, he cant come out often. He used to go out every hour and get out for 20 minutes at a time, but now he cant :(
    also we do not ever raise our voice at the dog and my partner did not yell, he just said "Eh-Eh" in a stern voice.
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  7. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    also forgot to say he is only 16 weeks old, and no he cant go out for longer than 5-10 minutes. vets rule.
  8. Ina Well-Known Member

    Hi Sammy,

    I remembered that Coco had his injury when reading the replies.

    Well, it's hard. I don't know how much time you have to spend in front of the crate. IF POSSIBLE wait till he had food and a drink - normally puppies have to go pee and poo right after mealtime. Stick around until you see ANY sign of him doing his business. Even if he starts peeing on his bed, don't use the eh eh, but place him on the puppy mat calmly. If a drop goes on the mat praise like hell. My bet is that his best reward right now is a couple of minutes cuddle time outside the crate.
    Before putting a new pad in his crate dab a bit of his pee on the mat. Puppies usually look for a place where they can already smell the pee.
    I'm not an expert, but if I was puppy I would understand what you want me to do :D

    Poor little Coco :cry:
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  9. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Sammie - I just now saw your big intro thread, somehow I missed it - so I just read about poor Coco's elbow, etc - I didn't know all that when I responded to your post above. Yikes! Well, I think like Ina just mentioned above, just keep a really close eye on him, praise the bits out of him when you see him go, and try not to let him get used to having a messy crate. I think right now you have to do the best you can, then start all over again once he's not under "house arrest" any more. Poor little guy, and poor you guys, too! When he's out, keep an extra close eye on him so that hopefully he can be successful - you can try to schedule him to be near his pads or outside, and try to set him up for success. Watch him closely for signs he has to go (when he's out), when he starts sniffing, get him to a pad quickly, and keep him there - then party up when he goes!! :LOL: He'll get the connection - altho once he's well and spending lots of time out of his crate, he may be inclined to return to his crate to pee (cuz he'll have been doing that for quite some time) so you'll have to work on that too. Isn't it fun?? Just do the best you can, and try to get thru this rough period -- I think you all need patience right now. Hang tough!!
  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Also, this is a BABY dog, many dogs do not develop the ability to COMPLETELY control their bladders til they are SIX months old. So this is sort of like expecting a 8 month old human to have bladder control.
    some pups do learn prior, but, some dogs bladder control does not fully, reliably develop til six months old.

    I'm not entirely certain the difference between taking him outside, (while restricting his movement) every hour,
    having him in crate where he can move over to the potty pads.
    Plus, taking him outdoors every hour, if you kept him on leash, unable to walk around,
    would probably be LESS movement than hopping off of the couch and running around living room, right???

    Ask you vet, too!! Ask you vet, "Can we begin potty training the pup by taking him outdoors every hour if we keep him from walking around?"
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  11. Dodge Well-Known Member

    ))hugs for you and little Coco((
    I m thinking along the same lines as tigerlily,as he would be on a lead and not running like a looney,I would take him out every hour,you can carry him out if you ve got stairs. Plus the interaction will be good for him,too,poor little thing must get bored rigid in the cage,not saying your vet is giving wrong advice,btw! He will still walk around in his cage to do the deed,so to speak,I would take him out,and make a big song and dance about doing any kind of pee or poo there,and ignoring it indoors :D(mind you,apart from picking him up to bring him outside,or your puppy pads:love:)
  12. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    He's not allowed outside at all. Even if on the lead every hour as most puppies are. He gets out of the cage for cuddles and every 3 hours to get out for 5 minutes to pee in the garden however he cannot do anything more. Yeah, well he gets praised like mad for going outside but obviously I can't have him out that often - vet rule! Unfortunatly it is annoying as I had him almost completly house trained and then this happened :(
  13. mewzard Experienced Member

    Ok, very odd suggestion - is there any way you could get a piece of know - a roll of grass. then when you see him about to go just take and pop him on the grass - that way he has a place and it helps you out when he is allowed out again. Maybe put it right next to his crate and if you do manage to catch him then it's right there?

    I know the vet has limited his outside time but honestly taking him out of the crate for 30 seconds to toilet isn't going to seriously upset his recovery. He is programmed not to toilet near his bed area and it must be pretty stressful for him to have to go in there. I know those are your instructions and you are doing the best for Coco, he must be kinda confused knowing that he should go on grass/outside and now he can't, he might be thinking "eh so where should i go?", when your partner said 'eh-eh' he may not have got that he meant 'not on the sofa', Coco may have interpreted that as 'not in front of me' so hid behind the sofa instead.
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  14. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    mewzard, that is a brilliant idea!!!
    She could maybe set the patch of grass on a large flattened box, or piece of metal or plastic, too.

    wow, i sure hope that can help this poor lil pup and his poor lil owner!! I'd have a hard time coping with such a prolonged and restrictive illness in my dog, too.
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  15. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Sammie, is Coco allowed to take any steps or walk at all???
  16. mewzard Experienced Member

    thankyou :D

    A baking tray could be good - that way you could water the grass too :)

    keeping Oka 'calm and restful' was an utter nightmare after her spey - i couldn't imagine trying to keep her crated for such huge amounts of time.
  17. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Thanks, might give that a try. No, he isnt allowed to walk around at all for at least 3 months which is a shame cause he just wants to run around. He has an extendable lead and he has to stay on the closest bit to me and that is it. he ended up peeing on my shoe the other day because of it. but will definatly try the grass idea. thanks.

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