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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by tricks4days, May 10, 2008.

  1. tricks4days New Member

    I've got a 3 month old peekapoo puppy. When I got her she was 2 months and already pee pad trained. She comes to any varation of her name(Isabella) and when I call her she sits very politly at my feet. She listens closely to anything I say. She can eat from a spoon and is very well socialized. Is it to soon to start training? I've heard that you shouldn't do any serious training until they're like 4 months. Is there any harm in starting young? I don't want to hold her back.:msniwonder:

  2. leema New Member

    Never too young!

    Here is a video of Clover at 14 weeks. We have been training since 9 weeks. :)
  3. dat123 Experienced Member

    The younger the better. When dogs are puppies thay are observing everything, their mind is very active and willing to have fun.
    I taught my youngest Border collie to sit and shake paw at 10 weeks, and gradually introduced new tricks every couple of weeks, by 4 months he was doing an obedience demo at a public show.
    It becomes a snowball efect, the more they learn, the easier every new trick becomes.
    Basically they " learn to learn ".
  4. fickla Experienced Member

    The earlier the better! The reason people were told to wait (generally till 6 months of age) in the past was because of punishment based training methods. You simply can't use harsh methods with the little pups, but with clicker training they are never to young!
  5. dogmom2six New Member

    It is amazing how much very young puppies can learn. It is never too early to start training simple things. If they are old enough to leave their mother, they are old enough to learn.

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