Tips For Dogs That Chase Prey.


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JUST WANT TO BRAG!!! (i know i should not brag, cuz every time i brag, whatever i brag on goes away,:rolleyes: but none of my real life pals seem even slightly impressed with all...:LOL: )

but, now, Buddy and i have an almost wordless default sit and look at me for ALL bunnies!! Even moving bunnies!! :eek: Even bunnies very very close to us!! After he sits, and looks at me, i usually encourage Buddy to look RIGHT AT THE BUNNY and be calm, and heavily reward that. YESsss!!:D Buddy can even lie down now,:eek: and smile --relaxed ---at the bunny right there!!

This tickles me to no end how he pretty much automatically sees a bunny a walk, and sits and smiles up at me!!:D:love: "Look mom, i know, i get it now---i see a bunny, i sit! and be calm! see? eh?"

BUT, this is all ON LEASH:oops::(:rolleyes: his own backyard, i am still unable to call him off of bunnies....:oops::notworthy:

and he is still killing bunnies in his own backyard as often as he can...

but, at any rate, his lunging at all bunnies on a walk is now solved.:D:D:D He still lunges at all most deers, though..but, we are working on it...:rolleyes:


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Well Ollie was side by side with my friend's cat tonight... and he kept his face averted! LOL But I think he was actually afraid of Midnight for some reason, he would only look at him if they were seperated by at least 5 feet! LOL any closer (and Midnight isn't afraid of dogs) and Ollie would turn his face away then glance at him out of the corner of his eye now and then LOL

Yet Harry, the cat outside my place almost every time we go outside gets a death glare and a lunge...:rolleyes: And Harry is too stupid to stay away:ninja:! He comes right up to us and rubs on Oliver (of whom I'm holding tightly by the headcollar! :cautious:)


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well, bummer,
despite my huge breakthough, of teaching Buddy i want him CALM when he sees bunnies,
he is still killing bunnies in his yard....

but you ought to see him on walks, wow, Buddy now associates "bunnies = sit and smile at mom" and then---- we work on having him look directly AT the bunny, and be calm, and he CAN DO IT!!:D:D:D
BIG PRIZES! Party in the mouth for BUddy!!
If Buddy sees the bunny before i see the bunny, Buddy almost automatically sits and smiles at the bunny now...ON LEASH, anyway...

and Buddy CAN now lie down, and gaze calmly at nearby wild bunnies...ON LEASH anyway, and i would not trust this off leash...nope.

but-----despite all this progress---------- he is still killing all bunnies he can when he is off leash in his own yard....which leads me to suspect, he'd do the same on a walk, if he was walked offleash during bunny hours.(twilight)

and the idea of keeping Buddy on a short leash,:(
in his own yard,:(
bums me right out....i feel pretty certain he'd quickly deteriorate into full-blown nuttery:mad: ....


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Move here.:D All the bunnies are chased away by the cats.

But that's GREAT progress!!!!! I'm soo proud of Buddy!!!! He has come SUCH a long way since you started this thread!!!!:)


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Was that ME just bragging that i have solved lunging to bunnies on walks??

Last night, Buddy did lunge at a bunny on a walk, (first time in eons...:oops: )
but, in his defense, the bunny darted out unexpectedly in the dark, it was just too much for Buddy, so he almost reflexively took off after it, til he remembered he was on a leash...........

....actually, the unxpected 'something' bouncing right by us in the dark kind of startled me too!:ROFLMAO:

and then, when we got home, Buddy sat outside for a few moments in his own yard
and wa-la! The now familiar noise of "bunny screeeeeams" :cautious: from the back yard, and there is Buddy running to me to drop his kill at my feet...



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LOL:ROFLMAO: Bunny screams???

Shivon found little bunnies last year in our friend's yard. She was very gentle with them. Did not try to kill them, which surprised me, cuz she's part Whippet.

Bet you're having rabbit for dinner a lot, eh, Tigerlily???:ROFLMAO:


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well, turns out, it's harder than one thinks to get all fur off of meat of such small prey, (says my hunter pals' wives who complain about always finding hairs in squirrel or bunny stews:censored: )
so probably, i should be striving towards a bunny coat or jacket instead of meals??

or a hat at the least!

or maybe, hundreds of rabbit-foot keychains? i could set up a stand and sell them...

and yes, bunnies SCREEEEEEEEAM, OH DO THEY EVER!! Very loudly, too, horrible noise. Prior to living with my Captain Bunnykiller here, i had no idea how loud or how long bunnies can does sound a bit like a squeak toy, only much louder. I can hear the bunnies screaming from inside of my house, when all windows are shut even.


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All I know is that mice scream:rolleyes: My cat brought mice INTO our house (live mice) and would play with them:confused: Well, I THINK it's the mice that scream (or maybe it was me....:oops::ROFLMAO:)

So no rabbit stew???? Awwww...:ROFLMAO: But I bet you could make yourself a nice fur coat!!!:ROFLMAO:


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rofl, nope, no rabbit stew for me!! We're not eating those wascally wabbits....but, we are now thinking of filming it all, even the screams of the bunnies,
as part of a docudrama/movie............

silence of bunnyZ.png

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Omg!!! Buddy kills bunnies??? :eek: I am horrified!!! But I'm sure if she had the chance my sisters lab would do the same thing. On walks..... It's hectic lol. If she sees a rabbit she practicly drags my sister into the ditch after them lol (okay, so I shouldn't find it funny, but the way they both run makes them look like they're in a cartoon :D) Luckily, no bunnies wander into our backyard. Our cats keep them at bay otherwise Trixie would have a field day on them. Kodi would definitely chase them but luckily he'd have no bunny blood on his paws lol (at least that I would know of anyway!) You guys should see him with my guinea pigs. It's too cute!!! <3