Tillman the skateboarding dog!

Jean Cote

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Wow!!! Now THAT is something that you don't see everyday!!!! Doesn't that look awesome? I've never seen a dog skateboard like this before.

I've never thought about training my dog to skateboard but after seeing this video, it kind of opens your eyes as to what a dog can do! Incredible!

Think I should invest in a skateboard in the spring?? Haha, i doubt my dogs would even be interested in it. :)


The funniest part is to see people wondering what the heck was that??? :D


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Wow! He even uses his weight to steer the skateboard!!! 0-0 That's great! :D Lol. Kinda worries me that he was skateboarding down the middle of the street though. o-o He's a very good skateboarder though! I'm surprised he even took the stairs, too. Lol, he's a Dodgers fan too. Nice! ^^


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Yeah that dog's a local celebrity. Apparrently there's quite a few bulldogs interested in skateboarding. Maybe they know their body is just perfect for it! They start by chasing the skateboard, and then they realise, while chasing it and trying to bite the top with one leg on it, that this thing moves if you push off on it. Then the rest develops from there. The dogs pretty much teach themselves, but I'm sure the owners help with things like turning etc. Could be an interesting thing to teach them though lol. It's not every day you see a dog on a skateboard.


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I found this in a skip some years ago. Its only a tiddly little thing so the dog can't get all four paws on it. This is Milo's attempt.



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He definately looked like he was enjoying that. And him steering that skateboard. What a dog!