Thor - Australian Shepherd


Well-Known Member
Name: Thor
DOB: April 6 2012
Colour: Red Tri with yellow eyes
Weight: 63lbs
Favourite Food: Rabbit and Pizza
Nick Names: Thorpy, Vorpal Puppy, ThorThor
Bad Habits: Counter Surfing, protective of me, and chasing the cat.
Likes: Long-long walks, going to sport class, having the entire family in one room, when Buffy plays with him, eating, learning tricks, playing with every dog in the entire universe, and snowplows.
Dislikes: When I work day shifts, and snowmobiles (he was hit by one on a walking trail)

Fun Fact: Thor has a natural bob tail that is 4" long and when he learned he could swim in deep water he would hold his feed up high so he wouldn't touch the ground as he got into shallow water.

Trick List:
1.) Sit
2.) Down
3.) Stay
4.) Leave It
5.) Drop It
6.) Play Dead
7.) Shake a paw (left and right)
8.) Paws in the Air
9.) Jump (on the spot)
10.) Touch with nose
11.) Tap/tick (touch with feet tap means left, tick means right)
12.) Circle (left and right)
13.) Stand Up
14.) Come
15.) Release (from position)
16.) Fetch It
17.) Names of Toys
18.) Go to a Place
19.) Jump Up (paws on my shoulders)
20.) Speak
21.) Tug
22.) Open/Close Door
23.) Back Up (or Beep Beep)
24.) Bring me the Leash
25.) Get your dish
26.) Paint
27.) Search/Find it
28.) Which Hand has the treat
29.) Catch
30.) Weave Legs
31.) Bow
32.) Give me a tissue
33.) Turn the light off
34.) Stand Between my legs and watch me.
35.) Get in the box/sit in the box
36.) Stand/sit/lie down on top of a box
37.) Go around an object
38.) Go through it
39.) Kisses
40.) Tunnel
41.) Teeter
42.) Through the hoop
43.) Put your toys away
44.) Target (for agility equipment so he doesn't jump the contacts)
45.) Series jumps
46.) Crawl
47.) Hoop Jump
48.) Platform Jump
49.) Push Ups
50.) Salut
51.) Carry bad/bucket
52.) Jump through circled arms
53.) Hand Signals
54.) Directed retrieve
55.) Wipe your paws
56.) Walk Buffy
57.) The Easy Button
58.) Plank
59.) Shell Game
60.) Foot Ball Hike
61.) Hold object
62.) Rollover
63.) Walk like human
64.) Balance and Catch