This Is Fascinating!


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these are photos of total strangers who agreed to be placed in intimate poses and photographed.

look at the pictures - they really highlight the similarities between dog and human body language when placed outside their comfort zones:

- the distant look in the eyes
- the stiff postures
- the muscle tension (esp in the photo of the young mixed man with his hand on the cowboy's shoulder)
- the mouth shut with lips thinned
- the way some of them give the impression they are leaning away from each other even when they're not (look at the first one - the girl's feet are angled toward the officer but her body is twisting away from him - he looks more like he's restraining her against her will and her hand looks like she's trying to loosen a chokehold instead of resting companionably on his forearm).


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Jup human body language is just as interesting to see as with dogs (or animals in general).

The look in their eyes and the conflicting positioning of their bodies is really the biggest give away for me.