the science behind clicker power (it works)


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Our clicker trainer sent this out and I found it interesting esp in light of several people recently asking about do I really need to click and is it really faster. Here are the answers and there are some other good links at top right along the same lines.

I liked the related are you clicker training or training with a clicker. These are all on Karen Pryor’s site. For those who don't know who she is, she's the mother of clicker training as we know it today. Most of the resources on her site are free, she sells books and equipment.

Positive training has been around for as long as punishment training so it's not a new concept. They both work or people wouldn't be making money doing both. Science now without exception backs positive training as faster and easier with no potential psychological damage. Don't believe everything that's on TV, but we already knew that. :dogdry: