The last walk-my tribute to the shelter that tried


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This is my effort not to single out a shelter but to thank everyone that adopts or fosters.

Not every dog can be saved and I know it's so hard for the people that volunteer their time-this is for you -- thank you.

There are more comments of mine and the story if you go to the acutal youtube page which will be listed as the URL after the video ends on the window.


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such a good video snooks, my mate had a dog that was a tan version of your bear his name was bear also lol, and sadly he had to be put down he sadly lost his battle, she rescued him from a bad situation and he was really dog agressive, couldnt trust many humans and he just gave up in the world but after 6months of work he came round to trust her,
but sadly he got stolen and we all searched round the clock for him when she got him back he gone to square one with his trust issues and he just wasnt happy, she did everything she could but he still couldnt trust, he did put on weight but the emotional scars he had were just so big, so she did the hardest thing shes ever had to do, but as he was going to sleep for the last time he looked at her with thanks for ending his suffering living in this world she knew it was worth it but she couldnt face getting another dog for years its been almost 6years, shes just got herself a new puppy, (shes a rescue too but not to many scars on her belt) and crystal (my friend) is so happy she deosnt know why she didnt get one earlyer shes always had something missing in her life since old bear died but she couldnt put her finger on it

your video made me think of old bear and how lovely he was even though most of us could only see him through a window or when he hid in the back of his kennel,


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I used to volunteer regularly, but I just don't have the time anymore. I loved it, and it was incredibly rewarding. But the shelter I used to volunteer for has gone so far volunteer coordinators and they are very rude, to other volunteers and to prospective adopters. The dogs aren't taken care of as well as they were when the old group was in charge, and it's disappointing. Nonetheless, I loved it when I was there and wish I still had time to volunteer and work with the dogs.


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storm so sad to hear about your mates dog. thanks for sharing the story. he was so very lucky to find someone that loved him enough to make the best choices for him even if they weren't the perfect wished for outcome. what a lot of courage that must have taken.

i'm feeling impatient and frustrated not being able physically to help right now so i do what i can. hopefully with a new bionic shoulder i'll be back to some more soon.

the worst thing that happens to good shelters is the take over by some unconventional people because they are cheap or resources are limited. i here ur problem over and over tx_cowgirl. said isn't it.