The Feeling Of Guilt


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This is one of those horrible days ... I took my dog for 2 extreme short walks

The morning walk - my phone rings - had to go pick up one of the kids from school. So poor little Smokey had 2 minutes of sniff time (I call it reading the doggie newspaper)

Afternoon walk had to be short because I had to cook dinner earlier than normal. But I intended to go for a nice long walk after dinner ... BUT we had to dash off to the dentist with one of the kids. One of those "If you come right away we can see him today still"

Now it's dark, cold and raining and I feel soooooooooo guilty. We have to wait with playtime until the kids fall asleep :cry:


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Awwww,I m sure he wont mind,its not like its happening every day,is it. And I m sure you will have tired him out with lots of play and training,I m guessing its night time down under now :D (no idea what time it is there now,not even sure whether or not my time zone is correct,lol) you shouldnt feel guilty,it wont hurt your babe missing one ay worth of a walk ))hugs((:)


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OH, i have days like that, too, now and then, and we often have lousy weather.
I try to make it up to Buddy by spending time teaching him tricks. He LOVES learning tricks. Or brushing his hair, which he also loves.

I also, on those rare rare days, he'll be home alone or not given much time, i have stash of new toys, (i get them at Goodwill toy section, or Dollar Store) and toss him a new toy on such days. I know, i know, is not the same as spending time with him, but, lucky for us, our dogs give us all a whole new chance the next day!

Or i make him some puzzles: (you have to scroll down on this thread to find puzzle instructions)