The Fairfield Zoo


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Hi, I'm Sue and my husband is Ellie. We call ourselves the Fairfield Zoo. We used to have only cats - 4 of them. Then we got our Buddy - he is a smooth coated boarder collie rescued from New Orleans after Katrina. A year later we found a home for one of the cats who could not get along with others. Two weeks later we took on another dog. This one is a Bichon Frise named Mitzie. Her previous owner needed to find a home for her. Mitzie is short for Mitziut and means "reality" in Hebrew. Our friend learned that reality poops in our bedroom. Ah well.

We are looking forward to learning lots of new tricks. Buddy picks them up so fast and we need to keep his keen mind moving!

Jean Cote

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Glad you found the love for dogs - most of us here at the Academy have. :dogsmile: I'm sure there are plenty of tricks to keep your dog stimulated!!! You are welcome to join us in the monthly challenges as we compete to train our dog to do tricks.


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WOW! Katrina...Don't you wish Buddy could "tell" his story about that adventure. Bless you for the rescue and Welcome to the Academy!


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It sounds like both your dogs have really landed on their feet with you. What an adventure Buddy must have had! Hope you have fun teaching them both some new tricks; I have enjoyed teaching my two dogs some new 'moves'.