The Dogs Helping To Pack For The Move To Ontario


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These are the last pics of the dogs in my Mom's condo, and the last pics I'll have taken of Scout and Zoe for a year :cry:

Why do we have to stay???

Hmmn, Boo's ears are dirty! (I'm not sure why Mouse does this, but she does it alot, and Boo mostly lets her, tho often growls a bit :grin: )

My couch is gone :(

Get him off my bed will you! (notice Zoe's horrid haircut, I had to trim off her beard and ears, as she pukes in the car, and 4 days in the car'll be a mess if she had hair!)

Oliver working hard at staying out of the way LOL

Can you bring back the couch now? this isn't very fun :(

This moving thing is hard work!

Bed time for Mouse!

Whew! almost done!

Let's take a break and play frog!

See? FUN!

And chasing my tail is fun too!

Thanks for looking!


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Great photos, enjoyed them so much, hope that you, Sara, are doing okay. Hope you are getting lots of fresh air and sunshinve on your face as you try to cope with having two of your dogs move so far away. HANG IN THERE SARA, and thanks for the photos, so so cute.