The Car is NOT a bathroom!!


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Ok so this has happened twice now. I forgot to take Einstein to the bathroom before he gets in the car to go for a ride and he decided to use the back seat as his elimination spot. Does the motion of the car move his bowels making him have to go once it starts moving? I mean he is housebroken...there are a few things he does when he has to use the bathroom. (1) bark at the back door (2) lay in front of the back door and talk (like howling) (3) if I am not in the same room he comes to find me and won't leave me alone until I ask him 'outside?' to which he replies with a resounding "ruff-ruff!"

Anybody have any suggestions for his behavior, is he still sort of scared in the car or is it just me being negligent? :dogohmy:


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How do you restrain Einstein in the car?

Mac used to pee in the car when he was young, but has since stopped. I don't know if it was because he couldn't contain himself because of his age or the vibrations (or a combination) or something else... But I am glad it stopped!


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Make sure and take him out b4 you get in the car, some dogs that are nervous or excited will cause themselves to have to potty, not sure which applies to your situation, but that is a trigger to go, eat/drink/sleep/play and excitement or nerves (like what causes sep anx potty mistakes) happens in some, others who are really crate trained see the car as a den of sorts and won't like to potty in the car, but if they gotta go, they gotta go, same as a crate (it's a myth: "they won't potty in a crate").
I always tell Argo (she does it on cue) to potty b4 I put her in the car for any length of time.