The Best Stress Cure A Pittie Love Fest - Beats Medication!!!!!!

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  1. MaryK Honored Member

    Having had a somewhat shambolic, stressful time over the past couple of weeks, today I decided (gut instinct actually), to deliver something during the day rather than at night. I bravely set out, parasol held high (it's still very hot here - hey Fall where are you?) to deliver my package.

    I knew the lady had a dog (she's a new client of mine whom I had not, until today, met in person) but, due to the unmentionable law here, did not expect to see patrolling the fence a very handsome Pit Bull. Deciding I was suffering from heat hallucinations, couldn't be a Pittie must be some breed which looked like a Pittie, I popped my package into the mail box and had a grand chat to this wonderful dog.

    As I was walking back I heard a very firm female voice call out "please do not annoy the dog, keep away from the fence". Looking over to the source of the voice I called back and asked if she was my client, at the same time of course, introducing myself. Full of apologies she came over and told me that some less than delightful neighbors thought it 'sport' to deliberately walk along the fence, with unlawful substances in their hands, just to annoy the dog when he was out in his own garden! And she had to 'stand guard' to protect him. Charming neighbors - not!!

    I very quietly inquired if Crunchie, I was now on first name terms with the dog, was a Pit Bull. Sure enough, he's a pure bred Pittie, but due to the disgraceful law here is 'disguised' as an American Staffie. And his owner is quite prepared to 'make a run for it' if the council attempt to remove him by force! She is a normal, law abiding citizen, but don't attempt to touch her baby!

    As we were all baking in the heat, Crunchie's owner kindly invited me in for a cup of tea and, of course, to get more intimately acquainted with Crunchie. He's a rescue dog, his previous owner lost interest in him and decided to take him to the RSPCA to be, his words, 'destroyed' - will not say what we said about that as it's not overly polite just use your imagination. Fortunately his new owner heard of this and rescued him.

    Now this breed, labelled 'vicious', removed and 'destroyed' no crime, no trial, just because he's a Pittie, gave me the full on 'vicious' Pittie Love Fest!!!!!!!!!

    After tickling my feet with his nose and waiting until I had just barely got my bottom on the sofa, he proceeded to climb onto my lap (all 50 kilos of pure solid muscle), and became the best make up cleanser ever! Yes, I was well and truly love-mugged as only a Pittie knows how! Totally waterboarded, couldn't stop laughing, my face, hair, neck and arms were smothered in doggy kisses!!! Crunchie and I become very well acquainted. Actually I can now safely say 'firm friends' and his owner, she's even more keen on my services. Me, well that's obvious, I have a lovely new friend and a Pittie Love Fest guaranteed every time I visit.

    My day was made. it's been a long, long, long time since I had a Pittie Love Fest! All the 'blues' fled, they just couldn't hold out against a Pittie Love Fest.

    The Power of a Dog is just awesome. So, if you're days not going well, find a Pittie and have a real, honest to goodness "Pittie Love Fest".

    My boys reaction when I went home, undoubtedly smelling strongly to them of 'strange dog' was, Ra Kismet sniffed and gave me a full on Mutt-i-gree love fest and Sir Zeus, didn't bat an eyelid, he's been there, smelt that and ho hum Mom's been cuddling someone else - again - YAWN!!!!!!!!

    Oh yes, one last word. If you read this Veronica Lyn 'my' Pit Bull I told Crunchie all about you and he sends you lovely Pittie Kisses. He was definitely impressed, and fully understands there is another Pittie in my life, albeit a long way away. He's not the jealous kind at all:D;)
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  2. freedomdreams Well-Known Member

    Awe ! That's awesome I'm so happy for you, there is no better way to feeling better than pitty kisses <3 now you have something to look forward during deliveries
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  3. blacknym Experienced Member

    Haha!!! Love it!

    I have to admit I've never met a pittie I was able to get to know. :( I hope to get acquainted with one or three some day. Lol
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL I sure will and I'll make sure I'm wearing 'dog proof' clothes, wouldn't want it any other way!:LOL:
  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Sure hope you can meet and be greeted by a Pittie, LOL if you meet three all at once, make sure you're sitting down on something VERY sturdy, they're not exactly light weights:D
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  6. blacknym Experienced Member

    LOL very true!
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  7. Linda A Experienced Member

    So glad to hear your day turned out so nicely. I love reading your stories!
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  8. luckylego Experienced Member

    Yaay!! Thanks Mary, your post totally put a smile on my face this morning! Pittie love fests are the BEST - then again I amm a tad biased :D
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes and I was treated to another one when I went to visit again:love::D . YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren't I just too lucky for words!
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