Terrified Of Car!


Hi My 5 month old GSP has since bringing her home from the breeders (an hour and half drive) has been extremely reluctant about getting into the car. She drools excessively and even on a short trip (10 minutes) she is sick. I've tried a covered crate., introducing her slowly by sitting in the car with her, coaxing her with treats, just going around the block. sitting with the windows open all sorts. Now we're due to take her on holiday with us which will mean an hour's car journey. Has anyone got any suggestions of what to try next? Thanks.


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Sounds like you are trying lots of the right things and hopefully some of the other members will be able to give you more ideas too. You could also try searching 'car' at the top of the page in the search box as there are quite a few previous threads on issues with car travel and may be able to get tips from them too.


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It sounds more like she gets car sick than not liking the car. Both my dogs get a bit car sick.
First having Safi in the front of the car sitting on the seat and having the window open(Not enough that she can stick more than her head out. Don't give her food close to the car ride. Other things that I've heard works is thunder shirts, and natural remedies.


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Yes, Danielle has a good point, does sound like Saffi is suffering from car sickness rather than afraid of the car.

I had a German Shepherd who, when still a baby was always car sick around 10 minutes into a ride. I did as Danielle has suggested and also used a natural motion sickness remedy. She stopped around 10/11 months old and was fine for the rest of her very long life.