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I have a quick question. Whats the best way to teach a dog what toys are theirs? With my parents dog we always made a big deal about giving him his new toys and telling that they were his. Also we would only give him one new toy at a time. Hes three now and the only time hes chewed a toy that wasn't his was when it was outside and he learned from my aunts dogs to chew on it.

Just wondering what other way to keep dogs from chewing on things and whats theirs; for when Loki comes home.


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First you must watch watch watch until puppy learns that kids toys are not his toys. Its the same as human shoes or anything else. The best solution is to keep kids toys up as best as possible for a while. That's never perfect but it minimizes the damage and danger to puppy who can get an intestional blockage from eating non dog toys. This can be fatal if not treated.

I use the distract, redirect, reward method. Since I don't have kids I used my own "test shoes" and watched. When puppy went for the shoes I would use a soft eh-eh and then get a great toy favorite like a squeaky or kong with some food inside and squeak or rattle. When puppy comes to get the more fun toy YAY GOOD PUPPY.

The best thing to do is make puppy's toys very unlike human toys or possessions. For example people that give their dogs old shoes to chew on are just asking for their new ones to get chomped. Dogs don't know old nike's from new Prada. So maybe if your kids have lots of plastic toys get the dog rope or pelt toys, fire hose toys, canvas bumpers, kongs with food, food puzzles.

Just like with potty training. A watched puppy doesn't potty in the house, neither does he eat things he should not. Get a a couple of crates and/or some doggie gates and crate him near where you are when you can't watch, gate him into the room with you, or tether him to you with a waist leash.

It will be a lot of extra work for a while but the result will be a great family dog.

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Well, luckily its just my husband and I, so there isn't really anything that he can really get into. I'm more concerned for when I take him to my moms for play dates with their dog. My mom babysits my 3 yo nephew allll the time so his toys are all over the place. :msngiggle:

Maybe if I teach a solid leave it and drop it? I know how to teach leave it, but not drop it.

Also that is a good idea to use test objects to help teach, ill definitely try that too.

Thanks, snooks, I really appreciate your responses to my questions, you have such great advice! :msnohyes: