Teaching The Blow Bubbles Trick (video)

Dice Smith

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A friend of mine from facebook asked me to create a training tutorial for her. She wanted to teach her dog the blow bubbles trick but wasn't sure how to go about it, so she asked for my help. I was always under the impression that this would be a really hard trick to teach but when I taught it to my boy Kodi a few months ago I was shocked to discover how fast and easy it is to teach this trick and how much dogs love it! Please check out the video below and let me know what you guys think!



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Great tutorial!
I did this trick a few years ago, with Cooper. I forgot about it, untill I saw your tutorial!
I started out with no water, just the bowl and the treat. Then added a tiny bit of water and so the treat was not under water yet. Then adding a little bit of water every time, so he would have to dunk his nose in deeper and deeper.
It's a fun game when it is hot.
I'll have to teach Jinx this one, once the weather gets a bit better


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Great video, I used this to teach my dog except she kept on drinking the water even if the treat was floating, I think she decided it would eventually get eaten if she drank all the water bahha:ROFLMAO:.

We were eventually successful by using the same principles in your video but by using a floating ball for her to retrieve (she is ball obsessed) to acclimatize getting her nose wet, then used a ball that sunk to get her nose in deeper and clicking before she grabbed it, then no ball and clicking only for bubbles.