Teaching "Shy" to your dog


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The point of the trick is, that the dog covers his eyes with his first legs. :doghappy:
The easiest way to teach is that you put a band-aid on the dogs face, around his nose. When the dog tries to get it off, he starts to rub it with his front leg. When he starts to do this, you say the command "Shy!", and then click/treat.
Basicly this is it. I hope it was understandable. We are learning it now with my dog.


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I am always amazed at the variety of methods there are for teaching tricks and behaviours. I like the simplicity of this one.

Jean Cote

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Thanks szecsuani for the tip! :) My husky actually knows this trick, I just haven't been able to record and put it on the website yet! But I'm sure others that want to teach it now will appreciate! Thanks