Teaching Down -2 Types?


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I was wondering if anyone could let me know how to train the two different types of downs.
I guess there is one spinx like stance - for quick periods of wanting dog in down position and a weight on hip down so the dog is comfortable and able to stay in down position longer.
Any tips?


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Use 2 different cues. Clicker train the Sphinx down first, then add a cue (sphinx might be good! LOL but I'd be more inclined to use down for that one) Then add another step. Ask for the sphinx down, after he's in the sphinx position treat without a click, then lure him into the more relaxed down, then click for that. Once he's got it reliably with the lure, fade the lure, then add a cue for that (here I'd probably use "relax") then you'll sound like this "Down, good, relax, good boy!"