Taking items thats not hers


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Hi everyone, my 11mo bloodhound will constantly take things that dont belong to her. If she sees a sock lieing around *BAM* shes got it. Also my fiance and I just had our 1st baby, now our dog will take his pacifiers, or socks that are lying on the couch, in basinett or somewhere else thats out of reach. She also will do this with paper or trash from the bathroom trash can, pretty much anything she shouldnt be playing with. When we tell her NO! and to DROP It! she'll lurch down and get ready to play as its a game. When you go to take it from her she'll run around and play chase. We tried to distract her with a toy. It doesnt seem like anything works
HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!!! (were on like our 15th pacifer)


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he's doing it for attention, she's getting a reaction from you when she takes the items. say no and turn your back, usually this works, pacifiers,sock and undies smell good to dogs though, you might want to keep those high up;)


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All the things you named that your girl is snatching are all things that, when you think about it, probably smell really good .. to her! Trash, socks, paci's, all great stuff! The first thing you might want to do is work on keeping things out of her reach. Hard to do sometimes, I agree - but covered trash cans, socks in the hamper, and pacifiers out of reach, for starters.

Next, really start working hard on a strong "leave it" with your girl. Instead of working only with a toy, try a food reward, do a couple 10 min training sessions every day working only on "Leave It" and "Drop It" - and when you work on "drop it", offer her a really good trade, a great food trade, a chew, something of really high value, not a toy she usually has lying around anyway. Why give up a great smelly sock in trade for something she usually has? Nah, I'll keep the sock, thanks anyway. Now, offer her a great piece of hot dog or chicken, you just might have yourself a deal! Don't chase her, that becomes a great game. And once you have a strong "drop it" and "leave it" in place, if she does pick up something she shouldn't (and remember, with that Bloodhound nose, the world is full of wonderous smells!), you can just call her to you and trade for something great! And don't forget, that despite her size, at 11 mos old, she's still a puppy, too - just a big one!