Swimming Lessons


I would like to have some place to take Lorelai swimming during the winter. Her first time swimming, another dog t-boned her into the water. It took all summer to get her chest deep into the water. If anyone knows of some place that has an indoor pool for dogs, I would love to know about it. I live in St. Charles, IL and found Dash n' Splash in Bartlett. It's not that far away but I like to find more places. Oh, I work in Wheaton, IL, so I won't mind finding someplace near there. Thanks for your help!


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lol, my dog also was not crazy about water, and then, he jumped into fast moving river and almost drowned.(chasing geeze).
dispite all that,
my dog now loves the water just fine. Took a while, but, dogs can get past learned fears.
Have you tried googling your town's name, + words dog swim? to see what is available?
A doggie training place in my town has indoor doggie swimming pools.

or, call up various dog trainers in your area, and ask them, they might know. Or, ask your vet.

or, even google your county's name, + words dog swim. see what pops up.