Surviving the heat


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Today we hit over 100 degrees already.

This is Bella's first summer, and I want to be sure to keep her well hydrated and healthy. Anyone have any tips for her for the summer? I'll take anything from feet to head if it's something I absolutely need to do for her.

When we go ball fetching, Bella can quickly forget to drink water and I have to force her to take breaks. I watch her tongue constantly, but sometimes she seems to be panting a lot faster than what I would think is healthy...but seeing as she's my first pup, I'm not sure how to tell when fast panting is too fast.

I know we'll only go out in the early evening when the temp has gone down a bit...but not sure what else I can do for her.


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We're having a bit of a heatwave here in the UK too at the moment. (Though our idea of a heatwave is rather pathetic when compared to that of the US, I should add.) We start dying in the streets when it reaches about 22C (71F)! :)

- Walk the dog only in the relatively cooler mornings and evenings.

- Don't make the dog perform any activities during the day.

- Ensure the dog has access to plenty of fresh cool water (drop some ice in it if you want to).

- Ensure the dog has access to shade throughout the day. (Preferably indoors.)

- Keep a bottle of cool water with you when you go walking so that you can offer some to the dog when she looks like she's getting a little warm, or rub some on her to cool her a little. (I rub it on the dog's underside so that the sun doesn't point straight on it and warm it straight up again.)

- Don't get too fixated on the panting or the tongue. As long as you take the above precautions, you'll be fine and dandy and your dog is very capable of regulating her own body-heat through panting. It is only if panting continues after the heat has been removed that you should start to grow concerned.


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You can also keep a spray bottle handy too to spray her down with. :)

LOL 71F.....I think the hottest summer day we've seen here was 114, but that was several years ago. 80ish is a typical summer day for Texans, but it varies.


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Melting island remark LOL. I feel like melting in that temp too.

there are several great chiller beds of differing compositions. depending on your dogs chewing tendencies. if beds get chewed there are some solid cool insulating materials they make beds of. if beds don't get chewed there are water filled beds filled with some dog safe material inside that saturates and cools. (so it's not like a water balloon). there are also chiller inserts for beds that are liquid filled bladders you can heat or refrigerate (depending on type) that take several hours to dissipate.

Put a bunch of ice cubes or freeze solid some large blocks of ice in plastic cups and place in their water bucket. Just be sure it's not all ice and lots of water. Use a large bucket or container because it will stay cooler than a small container. Of course for puppies be careful they can't fall into a bucket and drown. Large and shallow is better for puppies. A kiddie pool with water is good for some dogs and there are canvas type chewies that you freeze for chewing. Fans in secure places may help as long as the dog can't reach them or the cords. It all depends on what your dog would chew or not.

I had one dog that really preferred to be outside even in 120 degree humid heat and I didn't like leaving them outside when it was over 90 all day. I'd come home and he would be exhausted because the heat index was over 100. The girl dog stayed inside. I bought a $50 tiny a/c unit (for a camper) and put it on the back of his dog house, insulated the walls with solid Styrofoam looking insulation that had a backing on it and put on a clear flap door. It was cold in that house and he would just poke his nose and eyes out when i drove up to watch. he wouldn't come out until i got the door open to the house. goofy boy. I let him decide if he wanted out or in and came home at lunch to put him in often. he liked out better when he was young. as he got older he started opting for the inside. he would be cold to the touch when he came out of the dog house. a pupcicle. :msngiggle:

I'll find some of my bed links here in a bit. Gotta go mediate between puppy and magpie. They love to tease dogs the little devils. :dogmad:


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Ugh Houston is the last place I would want to be at 4 in the morning...or dark at all. o-o;;

Great products Snooks. :)


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It wasn't something I did alone for sure. Still sticky and hot at 4am. eww. Now both girls revel in me leaving the door open all day and playing in snow downstairs then basking in sun on the deck. Snow is a pain sometimes but the heat was so unbearable. Ugh. I had no electric over the last storm for almost 2 days much rather it was cold than 100 degrees tho. I took all the food out to the garage fridge and turned up the gas fireplace. Houston had power outages and flooding after hurricanes and it was much less fun. Of course my Dobie might not like it as well if he was still around---he was always cold. :) These fuzz buckets love it.


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Lol my dogs are pansies. If it's cold Rusty and Zekers are very unhappy. Snow romps are fun, but only because you get to snuggle inside afterwards, lol. Mudflap is the only one who's happy in all-weather. ^^

Nick(teacup chihuahua) of course is only happy when he's buried himself at the foot of the bed under the sheets. LOL.


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To make sure she's not going to dehydrate you can "bait" her meals with water. I put 1-2 cups of water in each of my dogs bowls for breakfast and dinner.

If she's picky, start adding the water in tiny amounts and upping it slowly. OR you can add broth instead to help encourage her to drink.

You can freeze food/treats in blocks of ice and give them (like butter container sized) and give her the blocks to play with/eat. My boys LOVE ice :)


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There is also a dog cooling collar i saw in my dog supplies issue i just got from....oh i'm too lazy to run downstairs and find it. Anyne interested can google, "cooling dog collars"...Looks like a lil water filled deal, not sure if it is or what. Kinda goofy looking.

I'M SO SURPRISED TO FIND OUT WE SHOULD NOT SHAVE OUR DOGS!:msnhugegrin: Wow, read this just in time, we were fixing to buzz cut are sure on this, huh?

I've got long thick hair, and when i put it up in a bun, i feel cooler. Why wouldn't Buddy feel cooler without so much thick long fur all over his lil self? Plus, most of his fur is heat-retaining black..