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More like 35lbs lol. She's about 9 months. And there's nooooooooooooo way i'm updating that profile pic lol, it's too cute :p

I've got HEAPS of pics of her in my information section though, I update that fairly often :p

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Ahhhhh - I see - great pics of her - never even thought to check there. :barefoot:

If she is 35lbs at 9 months - my guys are going to be huge...they are 30lbs at 17 weeks!


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Love that trick!! I just adore the nose sticking out!
I did one session with my guys, But I need to give the lid extra attention. They are a bit fearfull of it. So it's going to take a little longer;)


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Nice work Anneke. Originally Evie was that scared of the top of the suitcase moving even an inch in her direction that I thought we'd never be able to do this trick , but with clicking and treating for just one inch at a time, we actually made really fast progress. One training session she was terrified of it.. then we took 2 days off, came back to it and all of a sudden, so long as she was getting treats, it wasn't scary any more. :p As soon as she could deal with me closing the lid on her, I did what Tif did and put a pile of REALLY yummy treats in the far corner of the suitcase, closed the lid and told Evie to 'go find' (her cue to search for a treat or toy). All of a sudden it didn't matter that the suitcase lid was touching her as there were so many treats involved lol. :rolleyes: Now I have troubles keeping her OUT of the suitcase :cautious: :whistle: