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I've finally taught Shiloh to do backward circles around me!

When I would try to lure Shiloh backwards she wouldn't turn her body. I have up on that trick months ago. Today I tried it again, and Just after one session she can do backward circles around me!

The reason we had trouble before was because I wasn't doing a good job of luring her around me. :p When I have time I'll make a video of her shaping off this trick. =]


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I just started trying to teach Missy this. How did you lure her? I'm using one hand to get her to lure her backwards and the other to guide her in a circle. I'm hoping your way is easier than what I'm doing.


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its easier to start teaching in an enclosed space so the circles are controlled. I've got a couple of sessions on my you tube of teaching Bella this, that is if you mean this one

Dont really know why i had to use books, was just following a tuitorial i had found


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I just lured her. I used my right hand for my right side then when she came to my left side I used my left hand when luring. I phased out the luring and now I use both hands. Im close to fading out my left hand so soon all I'll have to do is wave my right hand. Tomorrow I'll record it with my camera. :)