Street Dog


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I'm from Manila, Philippines. I rescued a street dog who is very smart. I want to train him well because even if eating dog meat is illegal here, sadly, it still persists. If I can show more people that my dog is as agile and intelligent as the purebreed dogs--who are often spared for food here because they're pricey, I would be able to convince some people to spare dogs like my Poypoy from being slaughtered. Poypoy can now do basic obedience commands and some agility tricks although his performance still needs some polishing. We recently attended a frisbee clinic and Poypoy is catching short-distance frisbee. The elimination rounds will be on April 27th and he will compete mostly against purebreed dogs. I'm here because I want to learn more tricks--but right now, I have to concentrate on frisbee training because Poypoy's contest is near. Anyway, it's just fun frisbee not the freestyle frisbee but the sponsor is a major company so if he wins, there is still going to be media play. The final competition will be held in Baguio, where there is still rampant dog meat trade. Mixed breeds like my Poypoy are rarely displayed for competitions here since they're not fashionable being common street dogs, but I believe my Poypoy might be able to make a difference. Thanks.