Spin and Twist


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Started Working with Qwill on Spin (to the right) and Twist (to the left). Any thoughts on if it's better to do one until they master it THEN teach the other, or try to teach both together (i.e. spin one day then twist the next so they learn them at about the same time).

Qwill would Spin for me, but when i tried to lure him into a twist he got majorly confused.

Daisy knows spin, bu trying to get her to go the otherway now is like pulling teeth, so i don't really know how to approach it with Qwill.

any input is appreciated.


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Teach one then the other is my suggestion, you might have to make sure they are hungry, get a high value treat and slowly turn them (lure them, right at the nose, keep it at the nose, if the treat is high enough value, they will want to follow it), don't try for a tight turn in the beginning, make them just turn in a wider circle, until they start to do it easier then you can work on tighter circles.
Tip: watch your hand signal also, if you say... have your treat in your right hand and use a finger pointing down so it looks like a number 1 upside down (for spin), then maybe use the other hand the same way but use your left hand for twist, I say rewind.


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I have taught both directions at the same time and did not have any problems with it. I basically had the dog just learn to follow a toy and spin right and left randomly during the same training session. Soon I was able to use only hand signals to get my puppy to spin the direction I wanted and did not add the cues until then.


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Like Montsterdog, I lured with a toy and then slowly keep bringing my hand signal further back, I twist my wrist with my pointer finger out and which ever way I twist , left or right is the way he turns. Hope that makes since. Luring worked for us. My toy was a tug and for his reward was tugging, his favorite thing of all time. Good luck, hope that helps!