Spike And Molly


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Hi everyone....we're new here because mom thinks we need to learn a few tricks to amuse her!!!
I'm Spike and I'm a 2 1/2 year old Jack Russell who rules my world!!! This is my big little sister Molly, a 1 year old aussiebeagle who thinks she rules my world (sometimes it's better to let her think our shenagins were her idea). Anyways, we live in the country and mom spoils us rotten...we each have our own swimming pool and we get to go to the doggy spa one weekend a month...we need it...being a dog is such hard work sometimes.
We hope to get to know some of you and hopefully we will figure out how to upload some videos of what we do when moms at work, but you can't tell her or it will spoil to the fun!!!!


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Well,hi Spike,a very,very warm welcome to you,you sound like you have got your mum well trained and under your spell ;) you and Molly have really got a hard life,by the sound of things,so its just right that your mom is treating you to the odd pamper session,ey :LOL:
I (and I m sure everybody else will,too) will promise,cross my heart, that I wont be telling your mom about the videos,looking forward to them,sounds like you two are getting up to all sorts of fun while she s hard at work to keep you two in luxury(y)
Talk to you soon :barefoot::LOL: