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I have to brag a little!!
Yes, my girl speaks!!! I had tried it a few time, since she "talkes" a lot, but couldn't get her to do it on cue.
Last monday I was training agility at the dogschool, where I used to train with Cooper.
A girl who trains there, has an older half-sister of Jinx. They have the same mother.
Sky knows how to speak on cue.
Anyway, everyone was laughing at Jinx her "talks" during the agilitycourse. I ask her to sit in front of a jump, she will growl. Then when I release her, she will bark so loud, she forgets to pick up her feet and knock the jumps off.
Someone said, teach her to speak on cue. Like I said, I tried that, but couldn't get her to do it.
So Sky's owner, Stephanie, told Sky to speak.
Just for fun I asked Jinx to speak. No luck. But then I realized, she talks, when I ask her to sit!!
So I bent over a little, like I do, when I want her to sit, followed by a chase. And Yessss she growled! So I started treating her. When she got confused(jumping on me, giving paw, sitting up:rolleyes:), Stephanie would let Sky speak.
And... she got it!!! At first she would just growl or whine a little, but then she got more confident and now she has a LOUD BARK:D
Translated, my cue is: what do you say???
But as she now shouts loudly, I am asking her to speak softly... And she does!!!
This morning, we were training at our regular dogschool. There were a few people who needed some extra help, so the lesson was a bit boring for us. I don't mind, because I will work on other thongs while we wait.
So I was asking Jinx: what do you say? and speak softly. One of the other women in my class( she is also more advanced in training) now wants to teach her dog(a very beautifull nova scotia duck toller) to speak softly too.

I am so glad we finally got it!!! I could never get Cooper to speak, since he never barks.
And again I was amazed by how much dogs learn, just by looking at another dog!
I am happy and proud to have this special little girl in my life!!:love: (can you tell I am really happy??:oops::rolleyes::D:cool:)


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Nice job! :p. I've been trying to get Brody to speak but I decided it was easier to teach him to talk by mumbling/moaning. I tell him to say I love you, sometimes he makes it to three sylables but it's mostly two.