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Discussion in 'Find Training Partners' started by Leaf Hunter, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Leaf Hunter Active Member

    I have a 7 month old 23lb beagle mix that's very social. Loves to chase and be chased. Not treat, toy, or leash aggressive, but does bark (playfully) during play wrestling sessions. Does lots of play bows and doesn't bite, nip, or play rough. Very submissive and friendly.

    If anyone in the area wants to meet up for play or training sessions, let me know!!!

  2. Mr-Remington Experienced Member

    I live in the Inland Empire, in Riverside . I have a 8 month australian shepherd. He sounds a lot like your pups personality! Mine has grown up with a jack russell so he knows how to play good with smaller dogs around the size of yours. He does bark if he can't approach every dog he sees, but we're working on it! I'd love to meet up and see if our dogs get along!
  3. Leaf Hunter Active Member

    Oooh, I seen your video teaching your pup how to hug a stick. That's really cool. I got to try that with my pup. Yeah I'll shoot you a PM.

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