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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Khalid Al Qassem, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Khalid Al Qassem New Member

    Hi everyone, My name is Khalid Qassem from Kuwait. I am a Dog Lover and specifically a German Shepherd fanatic, but I love them all (breeds, that is) and have always been raised with a Dog beside me: Mutt, Boxer, Shih-Tzu and GSD..loved them all! So I am now partners with Sergeant (I like to use partner rather than "owner" or "care-giver", or even "guardian"...Partner seems to describe our status better!). I am married with 2 Children (Jude is 8, Tareq is 6) and have had Sergeant in our life for 1 year now. He is a pedigree GSD with a wonderful temperament and a very loving nature...Right now he can come, free, heel, sit, lay down and stay all off leash...He can also "shake", "go to place", "fetch" and "go home". So these are all trick/commands I need the dog to know...I have joined this forum to teach Sergeant tricks for fun and for show...I just want everyone to love my dog like I do...just so no one thinks I am crazy!!! Looking forward to contributing and reading your posts and threads!

  2. mewzard Experienced Member

    Hello Khalid! Welcome to DTA!
    I have a GSDx but she looks alot like a shepherd, her name is Oka.
    Sergeant sounds very smart, it's great that he has all those important basics! The 'classroom' signpost at the top of the page will link to another page with lots of tricks to try out with great instructional videos.
    Hope to see you around.:)
  3. Khalid Al Qassem New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome, mewzard...I saw Oka's video of touch Hand, it was cool...I dont know how she is a GSD "mix"...laying down she does look like a pretty GSD. Hope you and her have a long happy partnership! See you in the posts!
  4. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Welcome to the forum! I'm glad to hear you have a wonderful partner. I hope to see some of Sergeant's trick videos in the future.
  5. Khalid Al Qassem New Member

    Ooooh the pressuuuure! Okay so let me do this the right way. Right now, Sarge can do all the good canine citizen obedience commands, off-leash. I have joined this forum to see what tricks are out there, and to get some suggestions for Sergeants first "trick" - not command!
    So, srdogtrainer, River sounds like she is almost ready for Hollywood! and so I find myself asking you...and mewzard-please give me your 2 cents- the following question:
    What trick do you recommend for Sarge? And let me know what would be a challenging timeframe for an intelligent dog to learn this trick? Jumping hoops? Crawling? Ideas and timeframes please!
  6. Khalid Al Qassem New Member

    Sorry srdogtrainer, for calling River a "she"...It took me a few minutes to find River's Profile...River, I stand corrected, buddy!
  7. Khalid Al Qassem New Member

    Wow, Mewzard, thanks for the tip...So it seems like target training is the first on my list..I need to get him to target with his hands and nose. I will gather the target videos and let you know the process, hopefully in a video! Thanks again for the ideas and response!
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