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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by sassybrat, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. sassybrat New Member

    I had wanted to teach Sophie to hide her eyes with her paw when i say "are you shy" but i didn't know how to go about it...I used the advice on the lessons page and put a piece of tape on under one eye and asked are you shy? and when she would paw at the tape i would give her a treat....we did that during 2 training was the 3rd time I tried...we started out with the piece of tape...but by the end the lesson she was doing it without the tape! I was so happy I gave her a whole handfull of tiny treats and told her she was sooooo smart!

    we'll still be working on that one, but I was so happy that she did it for the first time without the tape! No one is here to tell lol so I decided to post it!

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Way to go! ^^ I haven't gotten to this one with any of my dogs yet, but it's on the to-do list. =) Good job with Sophie! Keep it up!
  3. leema New Member

    Congrats on Sophie's new trick. :)

    Mac loves this trick, and it's one of the most showy. We ask him, "Is something SCARY?" and he'll cover his face with his paw and hold it there. We originally asked him to target a ball near his face, until we were getting a wave like action. then I used a clicker to mark him touching and holding his paw against his face to extend it to a hold of his face. It's very cute and a crowd pleaser. ;)
  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I'm sooo happy that the "lesson" I posted was useful to someone!!!:dogbiggrin::dogbiggrin:
    :really really proud of self:
  5. l_l_a New Member

    congratulations to Sophie for learning that so quickly! and thanks to Szecsuani for sharing a great lesson! :)
  6. marieke New Member

    That is such a cute trick, well done on teaching it! I tried it with Guus but the tape won't stick to his coat for some reason. Maybe you know of some other way to teach it?
  7. dakotamom421 New Member

    you can try blowing gently on his ears and when it bugs them they will swipe at their face this worked best for my dog ( i tried the tap first and i had the same problem) good luck with guus, and congrats sophie. :dogbiggrin:
  8. xsara New Member

    you could also give something else above his nose - some sticky marmelade or honey
  9. luna may New Member

    I'm teaching Kesem to "Hide and seek" by putting a cloth loop on her nose, and rewarding her for swiping at it with her left paw (at my right).
    So far so good :doghappy:.
  10. Jean Cote Administrator

    Nice job. Now she will do it all the time!!!

    Take a look at one of my training sessions. My dog has been conditioned to do the "Shy" trick so often that she will offer it if it means there is a possibility to get treats. :dogsmile: (Even tho I wasn't training that at all)

  11. marieke New Member

    I watched that film yesterday, it's wonderful to see how well clickertraining works. I bought a clicker last week, watching you do it helps me doing it better too.

    I think I'll give the honey or marmelade a try. Guus is always hungry, he'll probably find that using his paw is the best way to get to the good stuff.
  12. dakotamom421 New Member

    :dogsmile:dakota does the exact same thing:dogsmile:
  13. marieke New Member

    I just got a book I ordered in the mail. They teach the "shame" strick by putting an elastic band around the mouth. I think that might work too, it definately won't fall off that's for sure.
  14. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Think yourself lucky. I have my eye on two books, but both are out of stock at Amazon!

    Competitive Obedience for Winners

    I can get both as used books, but I like new. Looks like I might have to order them in a local book store.

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