Soft Poo :(


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Southern Girl, i so so hear you.

I do know what it is like to be a severe budget, i sure do.
If you can, the dog food Kirklands is good decent dog food,
and still very very cheap.
(sorry, i can not turn off the italics now..:ROFLMAO: .)

like i always say,
i really do think we are all doing the best we can.

btw, "Kirklands" dog food is only sold at Costco stores, so far as i know..


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Thanks Tigerlily!!! I wanted to try the kelp out, cuz it was on sale, and the Petchup we got for free at the All About Pets Show.:p I don't feed the Petcup often, Because I don't think that she needs that many extra minerals.:)


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//Not scientific, no, but it's working for us. Especially since Boo was so unhealthy when I first adopted him. His aggression is gone now too//

yes, lots of newly rehomed dogs may have temporary issues with aggression, that is true. My dog used to BITE everyone who touched him, even me!!..... way back when.
Does this supplement help with Ollie's reaction to ppl looking at him? just curious.


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Sara, wouldn't that be the bomb, though, if someone ever did invent some drops we could add to our dogs food to resolve inappropriate aggression? Wow, THAT person who ever invents such a thing, will get mighty rich, i'd bet!!


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It's a cute idea, grinding up the flower Impatience for dogs who are impatient!! etc.

Studies show ppl can report just as much as effect/relief, when their dogs were given placebo...but, who knows? I can personally vouch for the power of placebo, we used to pass them in hospitals as recently as 20 years ago.

The guy who invented this mixture had some interesting ideas. He chose the plants to use, based on whether or not he himself felt good or bad when he held his hand over the plants...:rolleyes: yet, i do see many ppl online extolling how these ground up flowers help their dogs.

lots and lots of articles like this one, although, i'd rather the author posted footnotes to the studies she mentions, (but the wiki has links to various studies done, showing the placebo works just as well.)

If you ever do try some, let me know your thoughts on it, okay?


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The vet had me try Iams for Tucker. I believe it for digestion in puppies. He does like it but after a day of feeding him that, he began to have runny poo. So I went back to the chicken and potatoes. His stool started to become more defined, but still soft.


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OH NOooo!!! Oh, i'm so sorry to hear it, is both a bit discouraging that the puppy's poop is still not entirely 'right' even on rice + chicken....dang..........but, encouraging he does not have diarrhea on that.:)

Like even after a week of rice or potato + chicken??, he is still not having real solid stools?

and probably, after any bout of diarrhea, you'd have to do a liquids-only day to 'rest' the inflamed colon...

Have you tried pototoes or rice + lamb, pork, venison, or any other meat besides chicken?
(chicken intolerance is not likely to be culprit, but, worth ruling it out)

//The vet had me try Iams for Tucker. //:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

like i often say, i have been hugely disappointed in many vet's lack of knowledge about dog nutrition or dog foods. NO IDEA why otherwise brilliant vets can stand there, look you in the eye, and recommend dog foods like Iams, Science Diet, Purina, Eukanuba, etc etc.
Do they not know? or not care? or why do so so many vets recommend crappy dog foods to us??? Especially for a sick baby dog.:mad:

Like i often say------IF YOU CAN BUY YOUR DOG FOOD

***Even if your vet says it's good, it's 99% chance is overpriced crapola, if you can buy it in a grocery store.
this is true in USA, not sure about other countries.

My dog would probably bust out in diarrhea if i gave him Iams dog food, too. Too much corn can even bother some human's digestion...

Iams is a bag full of
~lots and lots of corn, (LOTS of fiber in corn, but undigestible to dogs)
~byproducts (that is like, hooves, beaks and claws ground up)
~brewer's rice (that is like peanut shells, is NOT 'rice')
and not much meat.


I've forgotten/lost track, they have run specimen tests on this dog's stools?


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and although full of cheap fillers, Iams is not even cheap to buy,
compared to other dog foods:

this chart compares both price AND nutritional value: (Iams gets a 3 out 4 dollar signs)

Candie, if you do decide to upgrade your dog food by using this chart above there,
you can always donate your leftover Pedigree and leftover Iams to the local dog pounds, they'd be happy to have it.

Candie, if your vet tells you to try Eukanuba, or Science Diet, or Purina, etc etc, when vet hears the puppy's diarrhea is still returning whenever the puppy is fed grocery-store kibbles,
just say NO!! :ROFLMAO: Say "no, i have learned grocery-store kibble is NOT healthy for dogs." rofl.


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He is adorable!!!! Glad the problem was solved!!!!:D

You can get a topical liquid for heartworm. I have it for Shivon (they stopped selling the pills here) and it's supposed to work just as well. The company I use is Revolution.:) I hope this helps.


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I was so so worried, cuz it was a fragile BABY dog, so relieved the dog IS well!


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AND YEAH, TUCKER LOOKS GRRRREAT NOW, sooooooo cuuuuuuute, so cute, just adorable!!
How old IS Tucker now??

so was it the dog food Tucker was eating,
or some medicine with beef in it that Tucker was reacting to?