Socialising among dogs


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hi Jean,
I'm a new dog owner from Singapore, and I just adopted a male golden retriever from the SPCA. He's pretty good around humans as he loves to get attention, but when he sees other dogs especially on our walks, he will try to pounce on them, or he will dash off and he will not calm down. Recently he has followed some of the dogs and started barking at the dogs he meets, but he doesn't seem aggressive.
I don't know what to do.

Jean Cote

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Hi! Welcome to the dog tricks academy!

It's hard to tell from your post what he is actually doing, he might only be trying to play with the other dog, or he might be aggressive. Either way, I recommend that you find a dog training class so that you can train while there are other dogs around. =) Or maybe if you have friends who have dogs, you get them together in a neutral place and see what they do. (Keep a leash on them)