So you want a puppy....


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So you've made the decision to get a puppy. Or perhaps the little tyke has already arrived, and started "re-decorating" the place? This is the book (free, available online) for you!

Before You Get Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar
(a PDF file, available either in full colour 34MB, or text only 0.57MB)

Dr. Ian Dunbar is America's foremost animal behaviourist. He's a vet, and has a Special Honors degree in Physiology & Biochemistry from the Royal Veterinary College of London University. Then he went on and got a doctorate in animal behavior from the Psychology Department at the University of California in Berkeley. He developed a totally new way of training puppies back in 1981, and his puppy methods have been adopted by every reputable trainer today. He's an acknowledged world expert on hierarchical social behavior, and aggression in domestic dogs. His books, pamphlets, and videos are a must-have for any dog-owner's library. He's also made available many tips and info for free online reading on his Sirius Dog Training web site.


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Thanks Bipa for the lovely info! There are many new dog owners that come on this website that should read that information! :dogsmile: