So, Who Else Owns A Horse Here?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by freedomdreams, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. freedomdreams Well-Known Member

    I was just wondering, who else on the forum owns a horse?
    As an equestrian it goes without say that- you are a dog person.
    So I wanted to know who else is here that's just as horse crazy as myself!

    I will introduce my boy- His name is Trigger, he is a registered Arabian x Paint- currently 8 years old. I currently board him but I did used to live in the country and he stayed on the farm with me.. it's very different for both of us, unfortunately with the weather here it's been very hard to see him this month. Trigger was the first horse I have ever owned, I got him when I was in grade 5, so about 10 years old. We brought him from Illinois to Manitoba, but as I was so young of course my dad footed the bills and we had 3 horses at that time, the BO had said Trigger never would have been rideable because he has a club foot.. so my dad sold him, of course it does play on finances as well at the time. Anyways, fast forward to about 2012, I had been acquainted with the girl who owned him and we became good friends and stayed in touch. In 2013 just before my birthday she had mentioned her thoughts on selling him and wanted to know if I was still interested, so of course I said yes and we made plans. I am finished paying him off next month, but I don't regret it at all, he is my baby and my heart horse.

    here is Trigger :)

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  2. Evie Experienced Member

    Pick me!!!

    Lovely pony :) You must have been so happy to get him back!

    Horse person through and through, currently own two ponies, Zeus is a 6 year old TB OTT, whom i bought as a green broken 3 yr old, and Jo is my 'special' pony who has some serious issues but I love him all the same. He's a QHxASH, I've owned him for the last 8-9 years. He was rescued ... and is a bit .. special. lol.






    (and following along behind is my first pony Jewels <3 RIP
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  3. kassidybc Experienced Member

    I'm so jealous of all of you with horses! ;) I'm badly alergic to horses, and can barely ride one without coughing and sneezing and barely being able to breath. It makes riding a little less fun. :/
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  4. freedomdreams Well-Known Member

    oh I was super excited to get him back! He's the main priority in my life, I'd like to eventually own a farm again, I do miss having horses right by me.. although I do enjoy the barn setting as well. Your horses are gorgeous Evie!

    Kassidybc- I'm sorry to hear that :( have you tried allergy medications.. or maybe, a Bashkir curly.. they are hypoallergenic.. if you could find one of those to ride.. it might not be bad for you (: !
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  5. Evie Experienced Member

    Kassidy, my brother is highly allergic to horses..... If he spends time around them his eyes puff up to the point that he can't see and he gets all of your reactions too :p

    It kinda sucked growing up with a brother who was allergic to horses and horse hair. Had to get changed and shower EVERYTIME i got home from the horses... as soon as i walked in the door.

    Do you compete at all freedomdreams? or just pleasure ride? :D
  6. freedomdreams Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't doubt it :( - my grandma made me do that when I lived with her because she thought I was making her house a 'mess'.

    I currently do not but I am working with my horse hopefully more this summer- to be ready for 2015! how about yourself?
  7. kassidybc Experienced Member

    A hypoallergenic horse would be a good idea... Might be a little hard to find though, and if there was any non-hypoallergenic horses at the farm with it I probably wouldn't be able to go there... That's good to know though, I had no idea there was hypoallergenic horses! I'll keep that in mind. :)
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  8. Evie Experienced Member

    I'd like to say yes, but in reality, it's more of a no. I get to a show of some sort about once a year. Constantly trying to make it a more regular thing but it's expensive and difficult to organise. Ideally I'd like to be eventing on him; so doing dressage, showjumping and x-country. But.... beggers can't be choosers :p so we do what we can :D
  9. Gordykins Experienced Member

    I don't have a horse... but I think horses are just gorgeous creatures! Maybe someday...
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  10. freedomdreams Well-Known Member

    I definitely know the feeling- it can be so discouraging sometimes! Maybe one day though :)
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  11. Evie Experienced Member

    Lol gordy, STAY AWAY!!!! Your bank account will be much happier that way :)
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