So We're About To Have A Baby...


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So my wife and I are due for our first child on December 12!

We bought Richo about 4 weeks before we knew about the baby, so he's never known my wife not-pregnant - but recently we've noticed a little more anxiety in him when we are returning from being away, or if one of us isn't home, or event simply having him outside while we're inside... it's like his 'pack' isn't complete.
And he is more clingy now, following us at our ankles, sitting/lying at the door instead of using his kennel etc.

Is this due to his sense of the pregnancy? (now that it is quite close and my wife is moving slower, tiring quicker etc.) Or is it due to the fact that he is now a 10 month old puppy and the extra clingyness/anxiety is a natural progression that just coincides?

Curious on any thoughts or your own experiences.


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Cannot help on the pregnancy side, do not have any children. Congratulations, in advance, on your new baby.

Richo may just be going through Adolescence. A dog's behavior can change quite a bit during that time. Or he may just be 'bonding' even more to you and scared your'e not coming home again.

Dogs do 'sense' a lot of things, so it may be that he does sense 'pregnancy', others who've been through this would be better equipped to answer it more fully. It could well be the 'change' in your wife's movements that is making him anxious. Especially if in the past, she's been active, playing with him etc., he could well be wondering why she's slowed down and maybe more preoccupied (understandably) with her pregnancy than with Richo.

Do make sure that Richo get's LOADS of attention now and once the baby is born. You do not want him feeling 'pushed out', which is something I have, sadly, seen with dogs of friends when a new baby arrives. One dog in particular would escape his home and arrive at all hours of MY doorstep, he was that stressed out at being 'left out'.

The last thing you want or need is Richo seeing the new baby as an 'intruder' someone who has pushed him from his place in the household.

Make him feel a part of the new baby, start now, including him in as much as is possible.


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Great question!! When I was pregnant with my first child, Sara, Max - my fur child nearly knew before i did! I was worred about how he would go so I used a book called Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant: An essential guide for dog owners who are expecting a baby. It was really helpful and came with a CD of sounds. Max took some time to get used to the sounds but the book helped on how to do it. Maybe that will help you too! (y)


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We do actually have that book and the CD, and were planning on kicking it into high gear once my wife finished work next weekend.
Glad to know that it has helped you and has a positive review or two! :)