So that competition...


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So, we've been to our first competition on the 24th of may.
And we had such a good time!!!!!!!

This is what we committed there:


So I'm jolly happy, and can't stop praising Pami.

I'll post some photos too, just didn't have time to upload them yet.

And, here are some other videos, that I think you should watch:


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Many Congratulations!!! The video is great and Pami's tail is wagging...lovely to see her so happy :dogsmile:

You must be so proud, and have every right to be. Well Done on your win.

Jean Cote

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Hey that looks awesome!!!! Fantastic job szecsuani!!!! :dogsmile:

I'm proud of you! It takes courage to step up and compete! (especially for the first competition) :dogsmile:

Love the tricks performed too! HeHeHe


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Jean;9824 said:
Love the tricks performed too! HeHeHe
Originally, there was some "cop-cop" in the beginning (the beginning is cut of), but it came out that Pami was just wealking between my legs, because she just didn't do it... :dogwacko:


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Oh, I was away from this forum for awhile, so I only just saw this thread. I just want to say a BIG congratulations!!! Good job!!!:dogbiggrin: :dogbiggrin:


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Thanks! :)
It isn't that hard to make a choreograph, I found it really fun.
Especially that I made up most of our routine while waiting for a surgery... :D

You just have to listen to the music, and guess what tricks are good for a certain part! :msnwink: