so excited


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After renting an 800sq ft house with almost no yard for a 9 months, with my wife a rambunctious border collie "Paisley" I am so excited I think we found a house. It is much larger than ours and has a great yard for him. My realestate agent actually kinda laughed at us because so much of the house search involved accomodating Paisley. ex) need a large fenced yard in a small community,dead end street, no highways, no close neighbors. After looking at like 50 houses we found two and settled on one of those based on a better yard for him, though it isn't fenced I plan to do it. We are taking the next steps to procure the house in the morning. I can't wait.


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I know what you mean, about dog features being the deciding factor :D I grew up on a small plot in the city (entire property something like .3 acres). Our backyard was a patio with a trelis, lol.

I spent college in an apartment complex.

Now, I'm in the middle of no where (yay!) with just over 6 acres. A couple of fenced sections, but all of it is 'safe' since there are no cars! The town that I'm classified as living in is a 12 minute drive away, and there is one traffic light in the entire town (and it's always green).

I'm sure you'll have a great time at the new place with Paisley... he'll love the new yard!!


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I'm in envy. We have a smallish garden although we do have a forest within short walking distance. We are hoping to move to a house (with a much bigger garden) next year and Harry is certainly the deciding factor - it's got to be a kitchen diner that leads to the garden, entrance to the back gate etc. The list goes on.

Dogs are so worth it though!! :)

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Awesome! Glad to see you are taking your dog into consideration when purchasing a house! I will be going through the same dilemma soon, although it's not a really good time to buy a house.


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Super! Congrats! I can't wait tell the day I buy a house with acers of land! I will take the same considerations when buying my house also. My entire life revolves around my dogs .... I don't see anything wrong with that <g>


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We made an offer on the house tonight. We should know if he accepted the offer by wednesday at 5:00 pm. As far as it being a bad time to buy a house. Around here it is a buyers market and interest rates are really low so its a great time to buy a house


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I hope you get it! We moved into a new house in November, complete with a dog door. ;) Yard is not fantastic in size, but much better than what we had and secure - and plenty for two small dogs.

I hope your offer is accepted!


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congratulations on your new house!! wow you are really dedicated and committed dog owner, not many people would have made their dog's needs part of their criteria for house hunting even though it certainly can be a very important factor!

I love to watch those reality TV shows about house hunting (yes I watch the Home and Garden channel, I admit it!!) Every time I watch those shows where a real estate agent drags a hapless family around to different houses and the prospective owner agonize over the cost and the size and the location, I'm always wondering "don't any of them own dogs and if so doesn't it factor into their house hunting process?" I think I've only seen 2 or so shows where the prospective buyers did consider their dogs' needs as one of many criteria. in most other shows they didn't have dogs or if they did, it did not influence the house hunting process. I think they should do an entire show on dog-friendly house hunting!!