So excited! Possible new addition!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by addictinganimal, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. addictinganimal New Member

    We have a lawyer friend of ours needing to rehome a dog. He's a male Australian Shepherd with blue merle coloring. :msngrin: It's not a 100% deal yet, as the husband is very attached, but our friend says she's trying to make him see that they don't have the time to properly care for the pup.

    I'm hoping we'll have a new addition soon. I've read up on the breed excessively, hoping to have an Aussie buddy sometime in the future, but it came up on me sooner than I thought. :msngiggle: He'll actually fit into the household quite well, as I'm a halfway active person and my current dog (Tank, Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix) is unusually calm for a 1 year old and gets tired easily. They say he's friendly with other animals, and they're the same age, so I hope they get along well. His name is Jack. He was described as "being on the small side," so I'm wondering if he's a mini or not.

    Wish us luck! I'll post pictures when and if we get him.

    --Double A

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Sounds like the perfect time for you to get another dog. :dogsmile: Since your dog is only 1 year old, they should get along fine.

    Congrats, and give us some more info as it develops. :)
  3. leema New Member

    I hope everything works out for you! Getting a new dog is very exciting. :)
  4. addictinganimal New Member

    Thanks, guys! I'm insanely excited, and waited all day for her to call. Guess they're still discussing it. If they don't ring by tomorrow, I'll call and get the scoop, and update you guys then. :D
  5. luna may New Member

    You better! *Waves finger threatingly*

    Lol really, congrast :D :welcome: Jack!
  6. addictinganimal New Member

    Ahh! *runs from wagging finger*

    WELL... Turns out the husband was too attached to the Aussie and didn't want to give him up afterall, BUT...

    NEW DOGGEH! Old buddy from the shelter, in fact. She's such a sweetie. :D
  7. heidib860 New Member

    That's great addictinganimal.
    Your new dog must be so happy!! I saw the picture and he's so cute. Congrats.
  8. leema New Member

    Argh, sorry! I totally misunderstood. I'm a doofus.

    CONGRATS on your new dog!!! :D
  9. addictinganimal New Member

    Thanks! She's extremely sweet, and has been great with all other animals so far. Her orange brindle coat is most unusual--and beautiful. :)
  10. storm22 Experienced Member

    ohh shes cute
  11. emmasmamma Guest

    Congratulations on the new addition! Unusual and beautiful coat indeed! I've been working on convincing my husband that Emma needs a playmate, so hopefully I'll have an announcement soon!:dogtongue2:
  12. addictinganimal New Member

    Thanks, Storm and EM!

    I was a bit doubting at first. Tank could only play so much before getting razzled and running for cover. Now he initiates playtime and the dogs, 24lbs apart, are best of buddies. :dogsmile: Hope you get a playmate for Emma! (If you do, try not to get frustrated at first if the same thing happens. ;))

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