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  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Texas has a crazy inconsistent All winter long I think it snowed once. It was usually 70ish, very nice weather. Now it's springtime and all the plants seem to know it. Everything is greening up nicely and it seems like overnight the grass just flew up. Yesterday it was 72 and windy, but mostly nice weather. But today...

    Today, it's 30-something degrees and snowing more than it did all winter long. The roads are icy and we're expecting at least 2 inches of snow. How crazy!! Anywho, Mud and Dakota just loooove the snow as it turns out. Rusty's rather grumpy--he doesn't like cold weather, lol. He'd like to be snuggled up in front of a fireplace. The weather has the kitten rather mischeivous--she's running around playing and pouncing on Mudflap, who's just loving it. Nick on the other hand isn't much for little Elli's rough play, lol. ^^ The donkey is a grouch today but 2 of the 3 horses are liking the snow. (Beamer-the one unhappy horse- is like Rusty--cold weather sucks!) Elli keeps reaching out from the recliner to swipe playfully at Mudflap's nose...but she keeps tumbling right off. ^^ Everyone's very playful today.

    Texas weather is crazy. :dognowink:

  2. snooks Experienced Member

    Wow that is unusual in Tx to get that kind of turn around and have so much icy snow. That ought to shut everything down for a few days. Hope you have plenty of supplies and dog food. :doglaugh: Stay safe. I got about 15-18" of snow at my house- talk about a lot of work got move it around. It's that wet heavy winter snow. Last week I bathed both dogs out on the deck. This winter's weather is soooo weird.
  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Yes and today, if it weren't for the wind, it'd be cool and very nice. Lol. It's sunny and windy and the snow has already melted. :dogwacko:
  4. sara Moderator

    We have had more snow this March than we had all winter, but it warms up right away and melts.... odd. My Terrier from Houston, who's never seen snow, absolutely loves it! It's really cute!
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol I can imagine. I'm sure he's seen lots of rain though. And heat. Very hot in Houston. I bet he was just tickled with the snow. ^^
  6. sara Moderator

    As much rain as he's seen... he HATES water and will jump puddles from melting snow, or stop dead if it's too big... even if it's only 1/4" thick... if it's wet he wants nothing to do with it! lol. I had to CARRY him over a puddle today..... I walked through it without getting my feet wet, but he still wouldn't go through it.... he totally refused, nothing I did could convince him to get his feet wet. Short of dragging him through (and there's no way I would do that) my only option was to haul his pansy ..... well anyway... up and carry him, big baby!
  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    xD LOL! How funny. At least he doesn't like rolling in puddles, lol.
  8. snooks Experienced Member

    Never ever let a clean Golden esp a just bathed one go near a muddy puddle or muddy snow. They WILL roll in it usually after they do a flying jump into it. I gave mine a bath on the deck and thought I as safe. then I realized while I was bathing puppy that Chizzy disappeared. Then sick feeling I left the back door open. I was very lucky all she did was roll on one rug and not the expensive one thank goodness. I was picturing shaking all over the furniture and tv but she just rolled on the rug and left everything else alone. whew
  9. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol! ^^ Rusty's my only neat freak...he hates being dirty. Zeke and Mud think that rain is a message from God saying, "DIVE in the mud, roll in the mud, splash in the puddles as much as you can, and cover yourself from head to tail!"

    Rusty thinks that mud must be something that seeped up from the gates of hell. He tiptoes around in it like he's wading through a pool of disease. Silly. ^^
  10. snooks Experienced Member

    How funny.....Mud is an apropos name then. :dogbiggrin: My Golden boy (big water dog) didn't like to get his toes wet when there was dew on the grass. He would tiptoe out like he was walking on coals to go pee and then leap like PePe LePew to get as few steps possible to the back door. What would I do without comic relief. :msntongue:
  11. sara Moderator

    My deaf Terrier Scout hates dirt... dry or muddy, doesn't matter. She WILL NOT lay in the dirt. I go for a 10 day camping trip every summer, Scout has to have her own chair. or she will keep asking to go in the tent.... She will not do any of her down on the ground tricks unless indoors or on grass (but not if the grass is wet!!) her crawl is so funny, she crouches instead of getting all the way down if it's not clean. She is such a little princess... but I dont have to carry her across puddles... she will go through them if there's no way around... unlike mister Oliver !
  12. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    ^^ Dogs and their finicky ways. :dogrolleyes:

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