Smiley hello from Italy!


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Hi everyone! I'm Rachel and I'm 'mama' to a Maltese named Leo. He is somewhere between 3 and 5 months old (his EU ID says 5 mo, but the vet says more like 3). When we brought Leo home on the 4th of July this year he could only walk a few steps at a time on his very wobbly back legs and he was very weak. Now his favorite thing to do is to run through mountain fields chasing butterflies and to hop on his back legs for treats, so he has gained quite a bit of strength and health. He loves to learn new tricks, but is not interested in learning where to go 'potty' (that would be my favorite trick for him to learn :msngiggle:, but he is quite stubborn!) He is being house trained on an indoor dog potty (Wizdog). This is new for him and new for me so we are learning together.

He is very sweet, loves to ride in his carseat, and is a joy to my husband and I. I'm very excited about learning how to teach him new tricks and obedience using this website.




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Hi Rachel,

I'm Steve from the American Desert Southwest. High today around 45C. My Border Collie Jin and I welcome you to the boards.