Skye The Border Collie


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Okay I'll look into it. :)
Please do! The more, the merrier. And some of us need all the help we can get, so even if you have already taught the tricks to your dog, you can stop by the Challenge thread and give suggestions to those of us who get stuck.


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Aww thanks guys!
Hmm guess I have been working on a few things on and off with the pups. They know how to put their toys away, but I have to throw them all onto ground and then they will bring them back and put them in the box. Been working with Skye on weaving thru my legs while walking.

How about you guys?


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LOL now you've got to work on them picking them up after playing with their toys. And then, of course, all the dropped things around the house. Will send over my partner if you need help on that, he 'drops' all manner of things Leaf's helping train him, if they're woolen like his fav beanie she chews them up. No wonder too, when her 'ticking off' went something like "Now what am I going to wear humm? That was my favorite hat. You know you mustn't chew up Daddy's things. Followed by a really good rough and tumble play session!:whistle: One day he may just remember there is a place for his fav. hat - hanging up out of doggy reach! Men are such slow learners!

Leaf's completed her Companion Dog Levels 1 and 2 now waiting for enough dogs to fill a CGC class. Plus will shortly be starting at Canine Freestyle.

Working on her trick list, which is getting rather impressive and generally having fun with my gal.


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Ahh I wish Missy and Piper would pick up toys. I tried to teach Missy before, but gave up.

Currently I'm for the second time trying to tackle loose leash walking with Piper. She seems to be slowly getting the idea finally. Loose leash walking is my least favorite thing to teach. :(

Missy is learning to do "Look at me" while walking. To help with walking pass other dogs once she gets it down really good.

Haven't been working on tricks, because I just got back from house/pet sitting for a friend. I will finish teaching Cover your eyes for both.