Skip and I say a big woof to all!


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Hi and woof to all!

Skip is our new, "used" dog friend. He is very interesting, a border collie gotten from a local shelter, said to be 3, but we think he could be as old as 5. As I recall with a BC I had long ago, she was youthful for a long while. Skip is said to be a stray, but he is partially trained as if he has lived with a family -- meaning he knows sit, down, and how to walk nicely on a leash in an almost-proper heel. His down is more like a submissive roll onto the back, but he does it for "down".

His house manners are good. Generally very calm, he stays off the sofa and such like. He does try to hypnotize and herd the cats around, which is funny to see. They seem to hold their own.

I'm working with him to reinforce what he does know, even the "heel", although we live in the country, way back from any roads.

He seems to have confidence issues at times, and also certain strong and specific fears. I think that working with him on what he knows will increase his confidence.

His specific fears have mostly to do with sticks. We think he was a family pet for a time before he became a stray and at some point was abused with something stick-like. Anything long, like a rake, shovel, weedeater, etc. is greatly feared and gotten at least a safe 30-50 feet away from ASAP!

Any ideas about working with him to curb his fear/build his confidence?

We do have chickens, so it'd be fun if he ever got to liking to herd, but so far he doesn't seem to see them as herding subjects, only the cats...and tractors...he likes to try to herd them, too (only ours, fortunately)!:dogtongue2: