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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by alee, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. alee New Member

    Does any one have any Skijoring Info...? Anything at all, like what I need for supplies and how to train my dog for it?
    Thanx, Alee

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    I too, would be interested in this information.
  3. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I don't even know what is that?
  4. minimalva New Member

    Because I am living in the north of europe (sweden) I now a little about this. You can do it in diferent ways, alone with one dog and you standing on skis or with a few dogs and a dog sledge, mostly on snow. If you are on skis you need a special belt around you and a special leash named "expanderleach". The dog/s need a special harness, the best kind is the nome-harness. You can find information about this on this site: You have to make a webbadress from this yourselv because I am not alowed to add a adress in this message
  5. alee New Member

    Do you know if you could use any harness. My dog slips out of everything, choke chains,collars,simple harness,anti-pull harness,x-back anything so he has to wear an escpae artist harness, would it be OK to skijor with this. You can look it up on dogs love ultra paws site.
  6. minimalva New Member

    I don´t know but it is very important that the harness is not to hard and making sore on the dog when a burdon (sledge or person on ski) is pulld after the dog. A person is more easy for the dog to pull because he/she is also self putting in own power.
  7. alee New Member

    He wears this harness 24/7. I don't really know who to ask, on this subject. If it is unsafe to skijore with the escape artist harness I don't know what to do because if I have to use the X-back harness he will probably just slip out of it.
  8. minimalva New Member

    Maybee you can use "the ascape artist harness" uder the X-back with only a loose leash to your handas as a back up. But in this case you have to be realy sure that it´s not makes any sores in combination with the other harness.
  9. stormi Well-Known Member

    I think if you put one harness over another there is a risk of pinching skin between the two harnesses when the dog pulls?

    Maybe you can teach your dog to pull into a X-back harness (which he will have to do anyway)? If he is really pulling into his harness then he wont 'fall out' of it?
  10. alee New Member

    Its not really even an option to use the X-back harness because he doesn'T fall out of it, he backs out of it and huskies can't be trusted off leash, unless if they are in a fenced in area. However I emailed ultra paws the place where i got his old harness and they are trying to set me up with a different harness, its for pulling but its not an x-back.
  11. Jean Cote Administrator

    Why not just use a sledding harness?
  12. alee New Member

    From looking at these harnesses it would take my dog about a day to figure out how to back out of one, and after that it would take him 3 seconds to back out of it.
  13. Jean Cote Administrator

    Well. You should technically only have a harness on when you will be sledding or skijoring, no sense in keeping it on your dog 24/7 so that he can figure a way to take it off or chew it off. Basically, since his mind will be occupied during pulling, he won't be thinking about taking it off.

    It's the same with putting shoes on your dog, they hate it, but if you put them on just before sledding then they don't think about taking them off.

    And besides, you can always have a collar on so after you are done you can put a leash on your dog.
  14. alee New Member

    I wouldn't want to take the chance with my dog backing out of it. I can'T take that chance, I might as well just let him off. And it wouldn't take him to long to slip out of it anyway. And he can slip out of collars to.
  15. johnveryveryveryverylongname Well-Known Member

    LOL So why even bother if you know your dog will slip out of all harnesses and collars?
  16. alee New Member

    There are certain ones that he can't slip out of like the one he has on right now the escap artist harness.
  17. johnveryveryveryverylongname Well-Known Member

    ah ... please do let us know if you find one, I might be interested in looking into it because I also have a husky. Thank you. :D
  18. snooks Experienced Member

    I just took up scooterjoring and there is a hybrid harness used for scooter mushing that might help. As someone else said there is an escape proof attachment for an xback. Several scooterjoring sites have live people to talk to that help assist in fitting your dog with a harness. In looking at the hybrid harness I would talk with someone and be sure the pulling point height-where the gangline attaches to the scooter is not higher than where the line would attach to you. It seems they would be the same height roughly so a better option than an xback which is designed for sleds - or lower pulling points. I don't know the length of a skijoring gang line though so don't know the angle up from harness. These other harnesses put less downward pressure on the hips than an xback. If you are hooked on an xback there is a belly band and I would attach to a collar or another longer gangline so as not to allow extreme jerking if you fall or dog turns 90 degrees.

    Hope this helps and think about bungeeing a light line to his collar just in case??

    This place also has an escape artist harness

    Scooterjoring is perfect for Husky's off season too. SOOO much fun. It can be a pretty safe or very extreme sport depending on terrain, # of dogs, etc. I'm on the safer side but it sounds like Scooting with a Husky can be just as challenging as skijoring. The scooters I favor are basically trick snowboards with high grade suspension and high tech disk brakes.
  19. Jean Cote Administrator

    Oooo, thanks for this info. ;)
  20. alee New Member

    I have found one

    I actually posted in one of my other responses, that the place where I got the escape artist harness(Ultra Paws) I emailed them to ask if the escape artist harness would be alright for pulling, and she said they wouldn't recomend it. I told her my problem about him slipping out of everything and she told me they had a harness that was patent pending and that they were giving them to 25 of there customers, It is an adjustable harness made especially for pulling, I recieve it with instructions and a sheet that i have to fill out after 30 days, i send that back to them and they refund my money.

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